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International Educator Certificate for International Baccalaureate (IB) Qualification

Have you thought about teaching at an International Baccalaureate (IB) school/program and want to become certified?  The Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor has an exciting new program that will help you achieve this goal!
In cooperation with the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), the new International Educator Certificate for IB Qualification program will qualify you for an IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning.  This will allow you to apply for and teach in the 100+ IB schools within Ontario and over 4600 schools across the globe.
This program is comprised of 4 online courses and a practical component.  For those in a teacher training program (e.g., pre-service teachers in a Bachelor of Education program), this practical component consists of a practicum placement in an IB School.  Please note that students outside of the Windsor area will need to secure their own practicum placement in an IB School.  
For practicing teachers (in-service) the practical component consists of a professional learning community (PLC) facilitated online.  Thus, practicing teachers can satisfy all certificate requirements fully online!
This program is not only available to practicing teachers and current 2nd year B.Ed. students, but also to 1st year B.Ed. students (who can take 1 course per semester during their 2-year program), and international educators!
Option 1 - Traditional Path: Fall/Winter
Fall Semester: IEC 000 and IEC 001
Winter Semester: IEC 002 and IEC 003 plus practical component (IEC 004 or IEC 005)
Note: Year 1 B.Ed. teacher candidates are eligible to take the program upon approval, but will only take one course per semester. Courses will be as follows for Year 1 B.Ed. students:
Year 1 Fall: IEC 001
Year 1 Winter: IEC 000
Year 2 Fall: IEC 002
Year 2 Winter: IEC 003 and IEC 004 (Practicum; to commence after B.Ed. completion)
Option 2 - Additional Path:  Summer (June 26 to September 1, 2017)
All IEC courses  (IEC 000, 001, 002, 003) will also be offered in the Summer 2017.  The IEC 004 Practicum course will NOT be offered, but the IEC 005 will. 
*IEC 005 is devised as a Professional Learning Community for practicing (in-service) teachers.
For Year 1 Students
  • Students entering Year 1 at the Faculty of Education may take IEC 000 or IEC 001 or both.  Please note that IEC 000 or IEC 001 serves as a PRE-REQUISITE before taking IEC 002 or IEC 003. 

For Year 2 Students and Practicing Teachers (In-service)

  • Students entering Year 2 of a Bachelor of Education program and current Practicing Teachers who have not yet taken IEC courses must begin by taking IEC 000 or IEC 001 or both. 
  • Year 2 students and Practicing Teachers may take IEC 002 or IEC 003 only if they have already taken the pre-requisite course IEC 000 or IEC 001.
For practicing teachers, including international teachers, the minimum admission requirements are a Bachelor's degree and a recognized teaching qualification.  Three years of full-time professional teaching experience (in the relevant IB subject or age domain) can be considered in lieu of a recognized teaching qualification.  All international applicants will have their eligibility assessed immediately after registering for their initial courses.
For current course descriptions, please click on the links below. 
Primary Years or Middle Years Program
Diploma Program
IEC 000-DP - Curriculum Processes 
(Diploma Program)
IEC 001-PYP/MYP - Teaching and Learning 
(Primary Years or Middle Years Program)
IEC 001-DP - Teaching and Learning 
(Diploma Program)
IEC 002-DP - Assessment and Evaluation 
(Diploma Program)
IEC 003-DP - Professional Learning  
(Diploma Program)
IEC 004 - Practicum for Pre-Service (BEd Students, must be in Year 2 - not offered Summer 2017)
IEC 005 - Professional Learning Community for In-Service Teachers
IEC 004 - Practicum for Pre-Service (BEd Students, must be in Year 2 - not offered Summer 2017)
IEC 005 - Professional Learning Community for In-Service Teachers

NOTE:  Once you have received your International Educators Certificate for International Baccalaureate (IB) Qualification, you will be eligible to apply to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) for an IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning.  Please note that the IBO assesses an application fee of $265 USD.  The Faculty of Education will assist you through the process of applying to IBO.