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Customized Workshops

Meeting your organization's needs

Succesful organizations understand that investing in their workforce through continuing education and professional development translates directly into improvements to their bottom line resulting in a competitive advantage. Working with the Centre for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) will allow you and your organizatin to access to some of the University of Windsor's talented academics and associates who are involved in research and engaged in their respective fields.

The process

The CEPE will collaborate with your organization to clearly identify and understand the specific needs of your training outcomes. Our role is to provide tools to help your orgranization achieve its full potential thereby setting itself apart. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Preliminary meetings and consultations with the appropriate stakeholders from your organization will be set up to ensure that the content adequately covers all of the learning outcomes you wish to achieve.

Each workshop can vary in duration, topic and delivery format. The content delivery method will foster an opportunity for interactive learning rather than one-way information delivery. Numerous methods of training are provided based on the learning outcomes your organizations desires to achieve. The instruction is provided at the University level using theoretical knowledge, coupled with the opportunity to contextualize it in real world application. This will keep your professional learners engaged returning to work recharged and armed with new ideas.

Instruction can be provided at the organization’s location. Therefore, employees will experience less down time away from work due to travel. Organizations that prefer to hold the training off-site can utilize the facility's at the University of Windsor or opt for another suitable learning environment. In the event the training is offered outside of the organization, the CEPE can book all necessary catering and secure hotel accommodations, if needed, providing an all-inclusive package.

Current trends in training topics


  • Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Business Essentials
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Developing the Skills of First Time Managers
  • Developing Your Leadership Potential
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building

Health Care

  • Lean Healthcare
  • Leadership for Frontline Management


  • Quality Assurance
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Energy Management


  • First Time Managers & Supervisors
  • Proposal & Grant Writing
  • Financial Basics

Organizations are encouraged to contact us ( or call 519-253-3000) to discuss how we can tailor and provide a valuable, unique and all-inclusive experience for your employees.