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Women's and Gender Studies Is Intellectually Stimulating

Our students say, Women's and Gender Studies —

  • Gives you the tools to apply your learning to your life
  • Your eyes are opened to things that you have never considered before
  • Makes you think critically about your own life and why you have had certain experiences
  • Causes you to learn a lot about yourself; to see and understand yourself differently
  • Makes you a more informed citizen, which leads to a cycle of being informed and empowered
  • You learn to critically analyze and deconstruct everything
  • Empowering but scary; taking Women’s Studies courses removes the blinders and makes you reevaluate your whole identity and your life 
  • Helped position me as being for things rather than just being against everything
  • What you learn diffuses into the lives of others because you don’t just keep it in the classroom
  • Professors make what you are learning real and show you how what you are learning is about the here and now and isn’t just theoretical or hypothetical