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Visual Arts & The Built Environment ImageVisual Art & the Built Environment: VABE

This cross-border program combines the study of art and architecture and offers you the breadth of knowledge and experience in both disciplines. This is a unique program offered by the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts in collaboration with the University of Detroit Mercy’s (UDM) School of Architecture.

Digital Print LabDigital Print Lab

Services include inkjet printing on a large-format Epson 9880, an Epson 3880 is available to advanced Visual Arts students. Various sheet and roll sizes, as well as types of Epson paper are available. Also available: a self-serve flat bed scanner; an iMac soft-proofing station with calibrated-monitor; and Adobe CS5 and Nik Sharpener Pro software.

Digital Video Imaging LabDigital Video Imaging Lab

Computer stations, digital equipment, negative scanners and editing software are available in the DVIL.
3D Print Lab - example

3D Print Lab

The 3D Print Lab is a space to explore and expand possibilities in the use of 3D printing in relationship to traditional ways of making, crossing disciplinary boundaries and looking to new understandings.


BioArt LabINCUBATOR BioArt Lab

INCUBATOR Hybrid Laboratory at the Intersection of Art, Science and Ecology is a physical and theoretical hub, a new art/science laboratory at The University of Windsor.

Painting and Drawing studio with Prof. Lisa BaggioDrawing and Painting

Practical, skill-based training in the studio areas painting and drawing, that also emphasize the critical and theoretical concerns in contemporary art.


Photography facilitiesPhotography Facilities

Photography works over four lab areas to provide students the opportunity for production in analogue black & white film processing and printing along with digital image processing and printing. The lighting studio further supports student production.

Print Making StudioPrintmaking Studio

Printmaking facilities at the University of Windsor specialize in Intaglio, Mixed Media, and Digital Print techniques. 

MAHVCMedia Art Histories and Visual Culture

The Media Art Histories and Visual Culture program gives students a critical background to interpret and contextualize the historical legacies of art, media, technology, and the study of cities. Course projects focus on the application of historical and theoretical knowledge to projects that investigate the complexity of contemporary culture.

The Making StudioSculpture Studio

Our facilities including a fully equipped wood shop, metal fabrication facility and bronze-casting foundry.

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