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UwinCARD Office

What Is The UwinCARD?

The UwinCARD is your son or daughter's official identification card while they attend the University of Windsor. It is a card used to enter mid-term and final exams, a library card, a swipe card to enter the Forge Fitness Centre and a laundry card for residence students. It also acts as a 'declining balance' debit card for food purchases (including meal plans), photocopying, printing and Bookstore purchases.

Why Add Money To The UwinCARD (UwinCASH)?

The UwinCARD makes it easy for parents to provide money for their students' needs, while being confident that the money will be spent on campus. UwinCASH can be used to make various purchases on campus including the Bookstore, all food locations, vending machines and laundry machines. UwinCASH is the only accepted method of payment at photocopiers and laser printers. Alcohol cannot be purchased with UwinCASH.

UwinCASH is secure; if the card is lost or stolen the money on the card can still be protected; the card can either be deactivated by the student 24 hours a day through his/her student portal on the University website or by contacting the UwinCARD Office Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Once the student visits the UwinCARD office to have his/her card replaced, all existing funds are transferred to the newly activated card.

UwinCASH bears no monthly fees and no interest charges.

Perhaps, most important is the fact that the UwinCASH account on the students' UwinCARD is simple to use. The card allows for purchases with one easy swipe- no cash to carry, no receipts to sign. Becasuse the UwinCARD has the students' photo, vendors are able to verify its authenticity before all transactions.

And remember, UwinCASH deposits to your son or daughters UwinCARD make great gift ideas. Its easy and convenient to deposit money to the card.

How Do I Add Funds To The UwinCARD?

  • Effective September 2009 Real-time credit card deposits (Amex, Visa and Mastercard) can now be completed through both the University of Windsor's student portal and the UwinCARD's homepage. This allows parents to add to their son or daughters UwinCASH account from their computer. (Does not apply to deposits made to residence meal plans).
  • Cash, debit card, at the UwinCARD Office in the lower level of the CAW Student Centre
  • UwinCARD Automatic Deposit Machines can be found at the Leddy Library and at the CAW Student Centre

Where Can I Get More Information About the UwinCARD?

If you have additonal questions about the UwinCARD, contact our office or send us an email. Call the UwinCARD Office anytime Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at 519-253-3000, extension 8946 (UWIN). Our email address is