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UwinCARD Meal Plan

UwinCARD Meal Plan


 The UwinCARD Meal Plan is designed for current students who live off campus.  With this Meal Plan you will save 5 % off your food purchases at on-campus food outlets.

The start up fee for the UwinCARD Meal Plan is $ 100.

Once you have signed up for the Meal Plan, you can add more funds at the UwinCARD Office or Meal Plan Office (Vanier Hall).  Please sign up for the plan in the UwinCARD Office in the basement of the CAW Centre.

How does your Meal Plan work?

Your Meal Plan information is encoded on your UwinCARD which works like a debit card.  Simply present your UwinCARD each time you make a purchase, and the total is automatically deducted from your Meal Plan account. 

Why sign up for a UwinCARD Meal Plan?

No need to carry cash on campus!

Save 5 % on food purchases made at on-campus food outlets!

Does not expire!*

On Campus you can use your Meal Plan at:

  • The Marketplace (CAW)
  • Tim Hortons (CAW, Dividends)
  • The Crocodile Grill (Vanier)
  • The Bru (Alumni, Toldo)
  • Williams Fresh Cafe (Leddy Library)
  • The Hub (CEI)


Note: Your UwinCARD Meal Plan money can be used at Off-Campus Food Partners but the 5% discount will not apply.