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Health Insurance

Health Insurance:

ALL exchange students are required to purchase Health Insurance from the University of Windsor.  This insurance  provides very good insurance coverage for routine medical care and any medical emergencies in  Ontario and the rest of Canada.  This insurance does not provide "supplementary health" coverage for things such as perscriptions or dental care. Please review more detailed information on this insurance.

Please Note:

Students that have been required to purchase insurance from their home school before departing can be considered for an exemption, but we must receive a notice about this from the Exchange Office at your school BEFORE you arrive to be considered for an exemption. 

One good way to test to see if you will qualify for this is to check to see if all the students coming from your school have the same insurance - if the answer to this is "no they don't" they you will not qualify for an exemption.

Asking for this exemption at the start of the semester is not going to be considered.


Additional Insurance:

Having travel insurance to cover your plane tickets and baggage while travelling is a good idea. 

Having insurance coverage for travel outside of Canada (in the USA for example) as well as to cover your belongings while here should also be considered.

Make sure that you remember to bring with you detailed information on what the insurance covers (and it must be in English) and phone numbers for contacting your insurance company.