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Housing Options


Accommodations for exchange students are arranged through the exchange office (please do not make contact on your own).

The first part of your on-campus accommodations application is done as part of your initial Exchange Student application.  Exchange students have traditionally been accommodated in the UWindsor Residence Services - Residence Halls or in the Canterbury College residence system.  We always attempt to place all students into their first pick accommodation option, but this is not always possible, please look at all the options and rank them accordingly.


Options for exchange students

UWindsor Residence Services - Residence Halls

These are the Halls (4 buildings) that are offered to all students at the University of Windsor.  We are currently housing visiting exchange students in Laurier Hall (on the top 2 floors - with some of the best views of the city). We feel this is a good option for exchange students as you will have the convenience of living on-campus.

  • all rooms are single rooms
  • floors for exchange are "usually" co-ed (boys and girls on the same floor)
  • approximately 30 rooms are available
  • located in the heart of campus
  • you will be required to sign an accommodations contract for the duration of your studies
  • a meal plan is required (no exceptions)
  • your fees for the entire semester are paid in advance:
    Fall = Aug. 15th
    Winter = Dec. 15th
    ** Some payment deadline flexibility can be arranged for students receiving loans or scholarships (contact the UWindsor Exchange Office,, for more information)


CANTERBURY: Canterbury College offers residential life for students living communally in 11 separate Houses that cooperate in social and academic affairs. Their aim is to provide a home for academic excellence in a supportive community (it is intended for students that are academically minded).

  • there can be 6-12 students per house/unit
  • all houses/units are single gender
  • located on the north side of campus (close to the river), and close to the library and the Faculty of Law
  • you will be required to sign an accommodations contract for the duration of your studies
  • your fees for the entire semester are paid in advance - Aug. 15th for Fall, and Dec. 15th for Winter. 
  • Canterbury has a preference for students coming for the full academic year (2 semesters) - from September to April.  Single semester students in the Fall semester (Sept. to December) will be placed here only if there are spaces available.

**  Exchange students will NOT be placed into Geoffrey Fisher Hall or Parker House.


Regardless of the location (UWindsor Residence or Canterbury):

  • living in on-campus accommodations requires students to commit to a residence contact. These contracts are not optional and they are not changeable (breakable). What this means is that once you are assigned a room it is yours for the entire duration of your exchange in Windsor.  Students are not permitted to withdraw from accommodations (move out) unless they are withdrawing and returning home (and there may be fees associated with doing this).
  • Students staying for 2 semesters are permitted to stay in their rooms over the Christmas and New Year holidays, but you may be required to notify the appropriate office (within the deadline) that you are staying.  You are not required to remove your belongings from your room during holidays.
  • Students are not going to be permitted to arrive more than few days before the start of classes in the September or January (check with the Exchange Office for more details)
  • Students are normally expected to vacate their rooms within 24 hours of your last exam
    - requests for extensions can be made, but students are not normally going to be permitted to stay in their rooms beyond the end of the exam period
    - there may be additional fees changed for students staying longer.


OFF-CAMPUS: This is an option that some students will decide they want to consider. Students who elect to live off-campus will need to arrange their own accommodations.  Off-Campus accommodations are NOT recommended for students coming for only 1 semester.

If you are considering off-campus options be extra careful and make sure that you consider the following:

  • Location & distance from campus - a place that is only a 10-15 minute walk to campus might seem nice in September, but in January when it is cold and snowing will not seem as good
  • What is included in the rent and what is not - electricity, gas, and water are commonly referred to as 'utilities' and you will want to have these included in the cost if at all possible
  • Ask about phone and internet/wifi - these are not normally considered as part of the 'utilities'
  • Rental term - also called a 'lease' or rental contract - be careful that you are not signing a 12-month contract if you are only going to be in Windsor for 8 months. These agreements are normally not changeable.
  • Is the room furnished?  Many rental accommodations do not include furniture, and they almost never include bedding, you are expected to supply your own


Students wishing to live in off-campus accommodations will be on their own to make these arrangments. 

Please Note:

  • off-campus accommodations for students coming for only one semester (4 months) is usually not a good idea
  • students living off-campus are more removed from the atmosphere of campus life and the social opportunities that this provides
  • some off-campus accommodations require the signing of a contract (lease) for 12 months, may not be furnished, and can charge extra for utilities (such as heating, water, and electricity) - extra caution should be exercised before agreeing to any off-campus accommodation