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SPF Results 2013-2014

SPF Approved Projects 2013-2014 (Second Round)

April 10, 2013

Please join me in congratulating recipients of funding from the 2013-14 Strategic Priority Fund. As you are aware, most of the funding this year (approximately $1.1 million) has gone to new faculty positions in support of academic renewal. In addition, we reserved $400,000 for a second round of funding for specific projects. The committee received 39 submissions for this funding, and has allocated funds to the 13 projects listed below.

In its deliberations, the committee considered, among other things:

  • whether a project would contribute to significant positive change at the University;

  • the ways in which a project addressed components of the Strategic Plan;

  • the impact of a project for the university;

  • the extent to which a project aligned, with the priorities outlined by deans and otherarea directors; and

  • ways to try and spread the funding to a variety of faculties and operating units;

I think I speak for the entire committee when I say that we look forward to seeing how these projects evolve.
Creation of an Advanced Laboratory for Education , Research, and Training in Medical Physics $40,000 Chitra Rangan and Stephen Rehse, Department of Physics

The Advanced Laboratory in Medical Physics will train students on equipment and procedures related to nuclear decay measurements, the generation of medical radioisotopes, nuclear spectroscopy, cancer radiotherapy treatment planning, computed tomography (CT) imaging, and other advanced imaging techniques. Combined with existing in-kind donations received from external organizations, this investment will further enhance
the growing medical physics undergraduate stream and enables collaboration with other research and teaching units on campus.

Development of Six Undergraduate Hybrid Courses Carol Davison, Department of English Language, Literature and Creative Writing $20,642

The English Department will develop undergraduate hybrid courses over three years (2013-16) using a blended delivery format, which combines in-class and on-line learning using various web-based communication technologies. These courses will provide undergraduate students — both majors and non-majors, local and international — with more flexible degree completion pathways.

BioART: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre

Jennifer Willet, School for Arts and Creative Innovation $13,000
Students from the School for Arts and Creative Innovation will mount an exhibition of their bioart projects at The Ontario Science Centre (OSC) in Toronto, at the Centre's invitation. It is an exceptional opportunity for students to exhibit their work in a professional context, but also to promote INCUBATOR Lab, SACI, and the University of Windsor to the 400,000 visitors to the OSC over the duration of the exhibition.

Upgrading CMF and DJ Technology for the Digital Age
Martha Lee, Valerie Scatamburlo-D'annibale, and Blake Roberts; Communications, Media and Film and Interfaculty Programs $40,000

This initiative funds the purchase of studio equipment for high-definition live broadcast, video-editing software, and editing stations for post-production work, to be used in the University`s Digital Journalism and Communication, Media and Film programs.

Promoting Undergraduate Research: A Catalyst for Enhanced Student Experience, Reputation, and Recruitment
Alan Wright, Erika Kustra, and Heather Pratt; Centre for Teaching and Learning and Office of Research Services $20,000

This initiative will support instructors seeking to enhance student learning through undergraduate research opportunities across the curriculum.

Teaching Leadership Chairs : A Cost-efficient Approach to Enhancing the Quality of the Student Learning Experience at the University of Windsor
Alan Wright, Donna Marie Eansor (Law), Tina Pugliese (Drama), Vincent Georgie (Business), Geri Salinitri (Education), Lionel Walsh (FASS), Judy Bornais (Nursing), Kathryn Lafreniere (Psychology), Erika Kustra (CTL) $60,000 (base)

This initiative will establish four Teaching Leadership Chairs (TLCs) at the University of Windsor: full-time faculty members who will lead and promote educational initiatives, work in advisory capacities across campus and with their faculty colleagues, pursue external funding for educational initiatives, and in general foster faculty-led improvements to teaching and learning at the University.

Library and Academic Literacy Enhancement Program for International Students
Guoying Liu, Karen Pillon, Zuochen Zhang, Shi Jing Xu, Clayton Smith; Leddy Library, Faculty of Education, Vice-Provost, Students and International $34,732

This project aims to enhance the library and academic literacy skills of international students at University of Windsor. The long-term objective of this program is to enable students to critically take on and respond to the world around them, and become not only consumers of information but ultimately, responsible creators of it.

Improving Student Learning and Client Service Through Clinical Skills Training
Gemma Smyth, Reem Bahdi, Marion Overholt, David Tanovich; Faculty of Law $90,000

This team will develop training modules for use at Community Legal Aid (CLA) and Legal Assistance of Windsor (LAW). The modules can also be adapted for use in other clinics. The modules will be a model for other electronic training tools to enhance student-centred, experiential learning in the law school curriculum.

Adapted Physical Exercise for Special Populations : A Community Partnership Sean Horton, Chad Sutherland, and Nadia Azar, Faculty of Human Kinetics $25,100
This initiative will see a part-time University-Community Partnership Coordinator expand and solidify the community partnership base in Human Kinetics and secure corporate sponsorship to ensure program continuity and sustainability. It is focused on an existing partnership with Community Living Essex County which provides adapted physical exercise and motor skill development programs for their supported members. The funding will enable the team to continue to provide specialized personal programming free of cost to our participants (Strategic Priority #4), while providing undergraduate students with important practical experience (Strategic Priority #1).

Campus-wide License for AutoCAD
Mehrdad Saif, Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering will purchase a 2,000-user perpetual license for AutoCAD, which will be used in a newly developed course in Faculty of Engineering, and also be available to users across the University. This investment will support numerous interdisciplinary and interfaculty initiatives with design-related priorities, and will also enable the Faculty of Engineering to integrate team-based design and build activities into its first-year
programming, a practice strongly associated with improved student perseverance and satisfaction in engineering.

Technology Transfer /Research Commercialization Associate
Heather Pratt, Office of Research Services

This one-year funding of a Technology Transfer/Research Commercialization Associate in the Office of Research Services (ORS) will enhance the technology transfer and research commercialization efforts established over the past 3 years at the University of Windsor. These efforts augment research programs and collaboration with our community, enhancing the economic benefit of our local industry stakeholders.

Fostering Employee Engagement through Recognition and Development Activities
Rita La Civita and Marcela Ciampa; Department of Human Resources

This initiative aims to enhance employee engagement through the implementation of campus-wide recognition activities and professional development activities which will help mangers and team leaders to create more motivating, challenging and supportive work environments.

The Revitalization of Campus Grounds -- University of Windsor
John Regier, Facility Services

This initiative will extend the redevelopment of the landscaping in the campus core, celebrating the University’s history while upgrading the services for the future. These upgraded spaces enrich the student experience, contribute to environmental sustainability, and enhance the impression the campus makes on the community and prospective students.
Members of the SPF Committee , 2013
Sandra Aversa (VP Planning & Admin)
Leo Groarke (Provost, Chair)
Bev Hamilton (Support)
Scott Martyn (HK)
Kimberly Orr (President, UWSA)
Erica Stevens Abbitt (FASS)
Myra Tawfik (Law)
Bruce Tucker (Associate VP,A)


SPF Appointments 2013/14: A Message from the Provost

January 25, 2013


I am writing to bring you up to date on new faculty positions at the University. They fall into two categories: those awarded from the Strategic Priority Fund and other appointments (primarily replacement positions made where budgets and revenues from enrolment and other initiatives permitted).  The need for new positions is great: one wishes that the university budget allowed for more. I am glad to be able to report that a substantial number of positions have been created at the University of Windsor over this period despite the challenging financial picture in the university sector.

Although it was impossible to approve all of the requests for positions, I do want to acknowledge the efforts that faculty and administrators all over campus make to meet student needs, and to inspire and pursue excellence despite limited resources and challenging circumstances.  The news regarding the SPF decisions will be disappointing to some of you: they were not made lightly or without regard for the challenges you face and your continued commitment to your students and your disciplines. It is our hope that as the activity-based budgeting model becomes better integrated into campus planning, its criteria will enable all of us to work towards sustainable growth as strategically and transparently as possible.  

I have divided the positions I am reporting into two groups below (the first comprised of those from SPF, the second of other positions).

Best Regards,

SPF-funded Academic Appointments

The Adjudication Committee for the Strategic Priority Fund for Academic Appointments has completed its review of applications for new positions and made its decisions. There were 24 requests for positions. The committee created nine new positions (for a total of $1,050,000 in base budget expenditures).

It is always difficult to determine how to allocate resources when all of the needs one sees cannot be met. Our limited SPF resources have primarily been used to fund new positions, as decisions about retirement replacement positions are usually dealt with through a joint assessment of the unit’s budgetary situation at the time of the retirement.   In making the SPF decisions we prioritized proposals:

  • based on deans' rankings
  • from AAUs showing positive activity-based budgeting outcomes
  • with strong potential to help the University with revenue generation
  • which align strongly with the University’s Strategic Plan and research initiatives; and   
  • which stabilize existing, successful Strategic Priority Fund initiatives.

Based on these criteria, the following positions have been approved:  

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
One tenure-track position each in each of:

  • Communications, Media and Film
  • Psychology
  • Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

One tenure-track position in:

  • International Business (shared funding)

One tenure-track position in:

  • an area to be determined

Human Kinetics
One three-year limited-term appointment in:

  • Movement Science

Interfaculty Programs
One tenure-track position in:

  • Digital Journalism

One permanent-track AAS II position:

  • Clinical Practice Learning Specialist (shared funding)

One tenure-track position in:

  • Biological Sciences



In addition to the SPF positions from this round, 35 (22 new and 13 replacement) positions have been created since July 1, 2012.  Out of the 35, 19 were limited-term positions, 13 were tenure-track, and three were tenured.These positions are distributed across the faculties, usually in AAUs with room in their budget for new positions (from revenue-generating initiatives or savings created through faculty retirements or resignations).



The 2013/14 SPF Competition: A Message from the Provost

December 5, 2012


Further to the President's recent update, I am writing to confirm the details of the 2013/14 Strategic Priority Fund competition.

In view of the stresses and strains on many of our academic programs, we will be accepting applications for base funding for academic positions of all sorts (tenure-track, limited-term, ancillary academic staff, or sessional) this year.  The cost of these positions will depend on the areas to which they are assigned, but will be approximately $1.1 million, leaving $400,000 available for other projects.  I have outlined the process we will follow for both competitions below.

1. Academic appointments

Applications for academic appointments (of any sort) must come from Deans or others who run academic programs outside the Faculties.  We ask for a page or two (maximum) outlining each request, specifying:

(i)   the funding requested;
(ii)  the nature of the appointment(s);
(iii) the need for the position(s)*;
(iv) their relative ranking if more than one request is being made;
(v)  whether the requested positions are tied to a previous SPF initiative; and
(vi)  their relationship to the academic plan of the faculty/area in question.

*In providing a rationale for (iii) the adjudication committee is interested to know enrolment levels (actual) in the area in question; how an appointment will help make the budget of a department and/or faculty more sustainable under our current and ongoing budget pressures; and how it will affect ABB calculations that measure this sustainability.

The deadline for such applications is January 3, 2013. The adjudication committee for this funding will be comprised of Leo Groarke (Provost), Bruce Tucker (Associate V-P, Academic), and Sandra Aversa (V-P, Planning and Administration). Please send applications for academic appointments directly to me ( ).

2. Other projects
Because the funding for other projects will be significantly reduced this year, we will be limiting the number of applications we review.  Applications for funding must be forwarded through deans or other senior managers.  We will accept four applications each from the deans of FASS, Business, Science, and Engineering; and two applications each from other deans and senior managers.  Deans will rank applications.    As in previous years, the proposals received for "other projects" will be evaluated against the strategic plan of the institution. The process for applying for project funding is outlined on our website at:  /spf/application-submission-proceduresThe deadline for these applications is January 15, 2013.

I'd be happy to try and answer any questions that anyone has about the 2013/14 fund. I think I can speak for the committee in saying that we look forward to reading these applications.

Best Regards,