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Solving the International Student Retention Puzzle (2010/11)

Published on: Thu, 05/06/2010
Last Modified: Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:27pm

$22,500 one-time

This allocation will be used to conduct an assessment of international student retention at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. International recruitment is sensitive to a number of factors including currency fluctuations, the global economic recession, increasing competition, and institutional reputation. The University needs to continue to improve international student retention as one of the leading ways of enhancing our institutional reputation abroad in order to reach our international student recruitment goals. 

Update: November 30, 2010

Progress to date includes hiring of a graduate research assistant (Tanya Demjanenko), conducting of interviews with stakeholders on campus (faculty, staff and students) and preparing of survey instruments for students, faculty, and service providers. Research Ethics Board approval has also been obtained and survey launch is being arranged. By the end of the fiscal year it is anticipated that all 3 surveys will be conducted and a written research report will be ready for review by the working group. A draft student retention plan will be ready for discussion with the Office of the Provost. The anticipated spending to the end of the fiscal year is $22,500 and there have been no changes to the initial objectives of the proposal. However, due to the University’s participation in the International Student Barometer project, survey conduction has been postponed.

Update: April 30, 2011

The research for this initiative is now complete, and the writing of a formal report with the research findings is underway. Due to the volume of the research data acquired, the report will be released later than originally anticipated; however it is expected to be ready early Summer for review and input into the strategic planning process for the coming academic year. The project is anticipated to support the successful implementation of student success strategies for our international students.