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Development of a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEng Tech) Degree Program (2010-11)

Published on: Thu, 05/06/2010
Last Modified: Wed, 05/18/2011 - 9:56am

$51,000 one-time

This new degree program provides a seamless integration of three year technology diploma holders from any recognized college in Canada and provides them with a university level experience. It enables the B.A.Sc. students to interact with the new stream who have considerable hands-on experience from their college education. The implementation of the BEng Tech degree is expected to increase enrolment, both domestic and international, while helping to meet objectives of the B.A.Sc. and the Graduate program. This funding will serve as seed money with the intent that the ongoing program will fund all costs of the program. As noted in Open Ontario, initiatives that support credit transfer are encouraged.

Update: November 30, 2010

Promotion through pamphlets and brochures started in May and website is set up. An advertisement was placed in Windsor Star; two more advertisements were recently in the Windsor Star and London Free press. Information sessions have been held at St Clair, Lambton College and Fanshaw. There have been numerous inquiries about the program, 5 students were admitted and started in September and 7 are expected to enroll in Winter 2011. Anticipated enrolment by Fall 2011 is 20 students. Curriculum development of a mandatory course "Engineering Report" is underway and is anticipated to be ready for offering by Summer 2011. $ 36,000 is expected to be spent for curriculum development; to date, $6,427.95 of the $15,000 marketing budget has been spent. With regards to issues faced, Greg Marcotte has filed the funding application with MTCU but the application is still pending. A teleconference with the Ministry was has held in late November and the Ministry now has a thorough understanding of the program. It is expected that approval of the program will be received soon. It is expected that the program will be eligible for funding in January 2011. Once approvals have been received, the Registrar will file the OSAP application so that it may be available for eligible students. The full expenditure of the fund is expected to run past the end of the current budget year because of the nature of the process and the timeline involved.

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