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Additional support for Graduate Assistants (2010/11)

This funding, to be matched on a 1-time basis with Graduate Growth Incentive Program funds, will be used to hire additional Graduate Assistants.

Development of an Electronic Graduate Application System (2012/13)

Increase efficiency and improve application response time, enhancing our competitiveness in recruiting graduate students.

Engineering Communications across the Curriculum

Establishment of comprehensive communications and professional skills development programming across the UWindsor Engineering curriculum.

Establish GA/TA Network-Foundational Professional Skills for Graduate Students (2010/11)

This initiative is to establish a widely supported GA/TA Network across campus.

History M.A., Partial Distance Education Courses (2012/13)

Provide an engaging and flexible path for working professional such as teachers to earn a graduate degree in history.

In/Terminus Centre for Research and Creative Activity (2012/13)

Foster greater working relationships with the community and with Detroit-based arts and academic institutions.

InterFaculty Health Sciences Position (2010/11)

This appointment will allow the development of a truly multidisciplinary health sciences program.

Master of Medical Biotechnology (2011/12)

Support to develop a new profession degree in medical biotechnology.

Masters of Applied Statistics (2012/13)

Support the development of a new course-based professional Masters of Applied Statistics program.

Research Commercialization (2011/12)

Support for a business officer position in the Office of Research Services.

Supporting the Academic Writing Needs of Students at the University of Windsor

Provision for the Writing Support Desk (WSD) in Leddy Library, which offers individual, group, and online writing assistance to students.

Undergraduate Science Collaborative and Integrative Experience (USci) Network

Implementation of a multifaceted approach to enriching learning experiences for students taking courses and programs in Science.