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Recruitment and Retention of Faculty and Staff

Academic Administrators Development Program (2011/12)

Support to develop an orientation program for academic administrators.

Broaden the Horizons: Teacher Education Reciprocal Program (2011/12)

Support the reciprocal teacher education agreement between UW and Southwest University, China.

Development of University Teaching Through Peer Consultation (2011/12)

Enhance teaching at the university through peer consultation.

Employee Accommodation Fund and the OHREA Fund (2012/13)

Streamline the provision of workplace accommodation for persons with disabilities.

Employee Engagement and Development Co-ordinator (2012/13)

Expand the capacity of the Employee Engagement and Development office.

Establishing an Electronic Document Management Infrastructure to Enhance Institutional Agility (2012/13)

Pilot a document management system to reduce delays, miscommunications, and turnaround time on document revisions and approvals on campus.

GLIER UW Fellowship Awards for Faculty (2011/12)

Support to provide UW faculty the opportunity to pursue research initiatives with GLIER.