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A Comprehensive Approach to Sexual Assault Education and Prevention

Establishment of a permanent position to lead, coordinate, and teach a range of sexual assault education and prevention initiatives on campus.

Engineering Communications across the Curriculum

Establishment of comprehensive communications and professional skills development programming across the UWindsor Engineering curriculum.

Enhancing the Campus Response to Victims of Sexual Violence

Development of a sustainable, tiered training program to improve support offered to students who disclose experiences of sexual violence.

Entrepreneurship Practice & Innovation Centre (EPICentre) - Student Development & Support

Support for the coordination and growth of experiential programming and student development provided through EPICentre

Mobile Production Capabilities: Digital Journalism

Joint purchase (with Blackburn Foundation) of mobile audio-video control kit to produce features from diverse locations.

Supporting the Academic Writing Needs of Students at the University of Windsor

Provision for the Writing Support Desk (WSD) in Leddy Library, which offers individual, group, and online writing assistance to students.

Undergraduate Science Collaborative and Integrative Experience (USci) Network

Implementation of a multifaceted approach to enriching learning experiences for students taking courses and programs in Science.

University of Windsor Student Life Skills Challenge Course

Development of a University of Windsor Student Life Skills Challenge Course involving collaborative mental and physical challenges.

UWindsor Online: Developing Capacity and Enhancing the Student Experience in Online Courses

Support for the development of strategic online courses and complete online programs based on principles of high-quality online education.