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4Winds a Project for Facilitating Aboriginal Participation in Post Secondary STEM Education (2012/13)

Increase Aboriginal participation in post-secondary science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

Accounting Online Course Development (2012/13)

Supports the development of online accounting courses in conjunction with the CA Pathways Initiative.

Broaden the Horizons: Teacher Education Reciprocal Program (2011/12)

Expand an existing three-year Teacher Education Reciprocal Learning Program between University of Windsor and Southwest University, China.

Building Dispute Resolution Capacity in the Windsor-Essex and Campus Communities (2012/13)

Further the social justice values of the Faculty of Law, providing accessible resolution dispute services to the Windsor-Essex and campus communities.

CEI Live Building Portal Development (2012/13)

Enhance student learning and the University’s international visibility by sharing the building performance data from sensors in the CEI.

Collaboration with Guilin University (2012/13)

Promote collaboration in research and teaching in Earth and Environmental Sciences between UWindsor and Guilin University of Technology.

Commercial Aviation and Aerospace Leadership Option, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Liberal and Professional Studies (2012/13)

Support the establishment of a program to meet demand for university-educated pilots and leaders in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Coordinator for Faculty of Science Outreach Activities (2012/13)

Raise awareness of the many research and teaching strengths in the sciences at the University of Windsor.

Creation of a Certificate Program in Applied Information Technology (2012/13)

Develop distance versions of courses to create an Applied Information Technology Certificate Program in both distance and face-to-face modes.

Development of an Electronic Graduate Application System (2012/13)

Increase efficiency and improve application response time, enhancing our competitiveness in recruiting graduate students.

Development of Engineering Innovation, Management, and Entrepreneurship (2012/13)

Develop innovative courses and joint degree programs, integrating engineering education with entrepreneurship, finance, management and marketing.

Development of Two New Courses in Human-Animal Studies (2012/13)

Undertake the development and implementation of new courses in the area of anthrozoology.

Digital Journalism (2012/13)

Purchase five electronic news gathering kits for use by students in the Digital Journalism program.

Employee Accommodation Fund and the OHREA Fund (2012/13)

Streamline the provision of workplace accommodation for persons with disabilities.

Employee Engagement and Development Co-ordinator (2012/13)

Expand the capacity of the Employee Engagement and Development office.

Engineering Youth Outreach Program (2012/13)

Supports the Faculty of Engineering Outreach Program, which promotes Engineering programs to high school students in Windsor-Essex.

Establishing an Electronic Document Management Infrastructure to Enhance Institutional Agility (2012/13)

Pilot a document management system to reduce delays, miscommunications, and turnaround time on document revisions and approvals on campus.

eTextbook Initiative: Mapping our Digital Future (2012/13)

Test and evaluate available e-textbook models and modes of delivery.

Field, Laboratory, and Demonstration Equipment for Enhancing the Environmental Science Curriculum and Community Outreach Activities (2012/13)

Enhance the environmental science program by purchasing up-to-date instrumentation necessary for in-class and in-field experience.

Financial Markets Lab Systems (2012/13)

Support the Odette Financial Markets Lab, which provides exceptional hands-on learning for students preparing for careers in the financial industry.