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1st Year Instructional Support Program (2011/12)

Support curriculum, instructional support and other initiatives that will enhance first year student success in FASS.

Academic Administrators Development Program (2011/12)

Support to develop an orientation program for academic administrators.

Alternative Career Services (2011/12)

Support students who wish to pursue alternative careers with a law degree.

Bachelor of Engineering Science (2011/12)

Support the development of a joint undergraduate program with Science.

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) (2011/12)

Support to develop a program that will allow students with an Engineering Technology Diploma.

Broaden the Horizons: Teacher Education Reciprocal Program (2011/12)

Support the reciprocal teacher education agreement between UW and Southwest University, China.

Building awareness of Student Services on Campus (2011/12)

Support for a review of academic student support services.

CA Bridge Program (2011/12)

Support of a bridge program for students with a four year undergraduate degree to complete courses required for a CA designation.

Campus Landscaping (2011/12)

Landscape the vacant lot beside the Education Building (across from Toldo)

Chemistry and Biochemistry First Year Success Program (2011/12)

Support the development of programs to improve student success in first year Chemistry.

Developing an Interdisciplinary Program in Engineering - Integrated Engineering and Arts (2011/12)

Support the development of a unique program that will combine Engineering and Arts programming.

Development of University Teaching Through Peer Consultation (2011/12)

Enhance teaching at the university through peer consultation.

Digital Journalism - Phase II (2011/12)

Support the development of studio courses for the new digital journalism program.

Engineering Youth Outreach Program (2011/12)

Support outreach activities in the Faculty of Engineering.

Enriching the Student Experience: A Promotion of the FASS Mentor Program (2011/12)

Support the expansion of the student mentor program in FASS.