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Additional support for Graduate Assistants (2010/11)

This funding, to be matched on a 1-time basis with Graduate Growth Incentive Program funds, will be used to hire additional Graduate Assistants.

Centre for Enterprise and Law (2010/11)

IPLIN and CBAR have collaborated to propose a Center for Enterprise and Law.

Civic Engagement Co-ordinator (2010/11)

This appointment will enhance the academic and social opportunities for FASS students, and engage the UW community in partnerships.

Developing Asynchronous Models of Education in Social Work (2010/11)

This project will begin to develop an on line learning model for social work education.

Development of a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEng Tech) Degree Program (2010-11)

This new degree program provides a seamless integration of three year technology diploma holders from any recognized college in Canada.

E-Learning Initiative (2010/11)

This project will support the continued development of an online tool that will facilitate video conferencing for distance learning education.

Engineering Youth Outreach Program (2010/11)

YSTOP funding has enabled the interaction and engagement with Windsor and Essex County high school students and their teachers.

Enhancing the First Year Learning Experience in Computer Science (2010/11)

This proposal will help identify students experiencing difficulty in their first year of computer science programs and provide academic support.

Establish GA/TA Network-Foundational Professional Skills for Graduate Students (2010/11)

This initiative is to establish a widely supported GA/TA Network across campus.

Foundational Mathematics Instruction (2010/11)

The proposal seeks to develop the capacity to support student achievement and success in mathematics through an early intervention plan.

InterFaculty Health Sciences Position (2010/11)

This appointment will allow the development of a truly multidisciplinary health sciences program.

Intervention to Prevent Sexual Assault and mitigate its consequences (2010/11)

This proposal will allow the University to adopt the Bringing in the Bystander program.

Modular approach to Enhancing First Year Experience in Science (2010/11)

This proposal will provide supplementary interactive modules to address individual weaknesses for the introductory course in physics.

Proposal to Develop a Program in Digital Journalism (2010/11)

The proposal would provide new opportunities to pursue a new degree program which is interdisciplinary and integrated with the community.

Solving the International Student Retention Puzzle (2010/11)

This allocation will be used to conduct an assessment of international student retention.

Support for a First Course in Anthrozoology (2010/11)

This funding will allow the teaching of a new first year course in a new interdisciplinary field – anthrozoology.