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Master of Arts in Criminology



MA in Criminolody

The Department of Sociology,  Anthropology, and Criminology now offers a formal Criminology MA. The Criminology MA is designed to meet the clear and growing demand for highly qualified personnel in criminology. The programme prepares students for research and leadership roles in related industry fields and academia.

The program will provide students with an opportunity to acquire, through coursework and thesis research, seminars and networking, academic and professional knowledge in the multi-faceted areas of crime, security, social justice and related subjects. The program develops applied research skills that will enable students to become independent research investigators capable of disseminating knowledge and research results through their engagement in criminal justice and related fields.

The MA thesis project emphasizes student training and the development of research competencies and skills demanded of criminology professionals. It will enable graduates to review, problem-solve, report on, and disseminate current research in terms relevant to various policy stakeholders within the field and to develop ideas, propositions, and plans to redress concerns related to criminology. The Criminology MA aims to foster excellence in areas that are at the forefront of research and innovation within criminology. The programme provides students the necessary research tools and facilities for their intellectual development within a scholarly, dynamic, and collaborative research environment.

The program leverages the combined expertise and resources of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology to develop an innovative Criminology MA program that attracts graduate students to the University of Windsor from Canada and the world. The Department has an exemplary record of external research funding and training highly qualified personnel. Each of the faculty investigators contributing to the Criminology MA has their own independent research program in addition to collaborating in the development of joint research initiatives and graduate education. This combined network of expertise will provide Criminology MA students with valuable exposure to faculty and research resources in criminology and related fields. The Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology  is well positioned in terms of its resources, faculty expertise, and commitment to high quality graduate education. The Department is pleased to offer a first-rate Criminology MA at the University of Windsor. 

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