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The Centre for Studies in Social Justice and the Labour Studies Program present a Symposium on

Workers' Rights in the Age of Precarity: Seeking Solutions

May 23, 2013, 4:00pm
McPherson Lounge, Alumni Hall


Precarious Employment and Worker Safety: A Dangerous Combination
Dr. Alan Hall, Director, Labour Studies, University of Windsor

Improving the Lives of Vulnerable Workers: The Law Commission of Ontario's Final Report on Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work
Bruce Elman, Chair, Law Commission of Ontario and Professor, Faculty of Law
Patricia Hughes, Executive Director, Law Commission of Ontario



May 17-18, 2013
Katzman Lounge
University of Windsor


This workshop will bring together international scholars and activists to advance the understanding of emerging forms of political activism, compare them to earlier forms of social protest, explore their links to other movements nationally and globally, question their ability to reflect diversity of cultures and identities, and ponder on their potential to bring about a more equitable and democratic society.

This event is open to the public. Registration is free. Please register to attend on our webpage.



Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Ambassador Auditorium, CAW Centre
University of Windsor


The award will be presented during
the 7th Annual High School Social Justice Forum.

Award Presentation



Tuesday, April 30, 2013


High School Forum

Every year the Centre partners with Teachers for Global Awareness to bring senior high school students to the University of Windsor for a day of workshops and discussions on a variety of social justice related topics. The theme for this year's forum is "Democratic Rights in the Age of Austerity."




Thursday, February 21, 2013

9th Annual

Together we can make a difference!


The Centre for Studies in Social Justice of the University of Windsor, the Holocaust Education Committee of the Windsor Jewish Community Centre, the CAW Local 200 Human Rights Committee, Greater Essex County District School Board, and the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board  have partnered to organize a dynamic Student Forum. This is a one-day student forum held at the University of Windsor, Odette Building, (on the corner of Wyandotte and Sunset) on Thursday, February 21, 2013.
  Over 130 students participate each year. The students separate into groups to discuss various social justice issues including: the right to water, the Holocaust, mental illness, and poverty. They also have the opportunity to create art work with a social justice theme.
   It is our hope that students selected for this forum will be involved in projects that foster social justice in their school community.





Just Published

New Book on Social Justice by Centre Director, Dr. Tanya Basok, and Dr. Suzan Ilcan of the University of Waterloo.

Issues in Social Justice: Citizenship and Transnational Struggles examines some of the growing debates and issues centring around the notion of social justice and its links to citizenship and transnational struggles. The book concentrates its analysis on key substantive subjects, ranging from discussions of citizenship and transformations of the welfare state under neoliberalism, to critical pressures and changes underscoring marginal and disadvantaged groups, to debates on human rights and transnational activism. It raises thematic concerns and questions that move across disciplines and reveal the depth of the dilemmas of social justice and, in the process, provides constructive, critical ideas for students, researchers, activists, and policy-makers.






THE LATEST ISSUE of the Centre for Studies in Social Justice newsletter is now available.

This special issue, guest edited by Katelyn Murray, features University of Windsor students who are working for social justice in their communities and around the world.


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