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Outstanding Scholars Graduation Luncheon 2014
Outstanding Scholars Luncheon

Local and National Scholarships and Awards for Undergraduate Study in Canada


In the table below, all the titles in the left-hand column are hot links that lead to the relevant website.







Joseph Morrison Legacy Fund


September 12


One award each for men and women

 - Be First Nations, Metis or Inuit residents of Ontario, age 16 – 30 years

 - Be registered as a returning student in a post-secondary accredited institution 

 - Have good academic standing (B average)

 - Relate how they have met life challenges and kept moving toward their goals 

 - Have demonstrated financial need.

Storwell Foster Children Bursary Award September 15 Up to $2,000

- must have been in foster care

- must be Canadian or U.S. citizen

- must be enrolled full-time in post-secondary education

- must be under 25 years old

James Lee Foundation Scholarship Applications open in August $5,000

- award is for emerging creative talent in the advertising industry

- must be a Canadian citizen over 16 years of age

-must submit a portfolio of work

Kathy Searles Scholarship September 22 $500

-must be in first or second year of study

-minimum GPA 75.0

- must have a record of community involvement

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Fall 2017 for the 2017-18 Academic Year


- identify as female student with strong academic record

- Computer Science or Computer Engineering major

- demonstrated leadership in digital technology

The Dalton Camp Award

November 15

One $10,000 prize and one $2500 prize

- Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident may submit an essay

The Canadian Youth Environmental Leadership Award

November 30

Two awards of $5000

- Canadian citizen

- completed at least two years of an undergraduate degree

- achieved high grades

- shown a commitment to public environmental service

The Working Parent College Scholarship December 10 $1,000

- must be full or part-time student at an accredited Canadian college or university

- must have 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

- must have worked an average of at least twelve (12) hours for each of the previous four (4) weeks at the time of applying;

- must be a residential parent of at least one minor child;

- must be a legal resident of Canada;

- must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of applying

The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund for Study in a Second Official Language Award

December 10


- Canadian citizen

- completed at least one year of an undergraduate degree

- high grades

- sufficient ability in the second official language to be able to pursue studies in that language

Hilary M. Weston Scholarship December 15 $7500

-must be a fourth-year Social Work student, planning to do a graduate degree in Social Work in 2017-18

- must have been an Ontario resident for the twelve months prior to registering in the graduate program

- must have a strong academic record

Silver Cross Scholarship December 15 $1500

- must be enrolled full-time

- must use a mobility device such as a wheelchair or scooter

- must submit a 500 word essay to their website, on how you have demonstrated leadership in your community

Grey Smoke Media Scholarship December 31 $3000

- must be enrolled in a post-secondary program studying Business Marketing, Communications, Liberal Arts, or Social Sciences

- must submit an essay of 500-750 words describing an obstacle you have encountered in the past and how you overcame it

Corporate Finance Institute Annual Scholarship December 31 $500

- must be a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree student

- must submit three 250 word essays, describing your financial need, your passion for finance, and your plan to use your career in finance to improve the lives of others

SeniorAdvisor Future of Assisted Living Scholarship December 31 Three awards of US$2,000 - must submit a 500-750 word essay on how your major program can improve the lives of senior citizens
Scribendi Scholarship December 31 US$1,000

-must be registered at an accredited university or college

- must submit a 150 word essay describing how you are making a difference in your community

Engineers Canada

January 8


- undergraduate engineering student

- Canadian citizen

- student member of one of the twelve accrediting bodies

- strong contributor to the public image of engineers in Canada

- Candidates must be nominated by the Dean of Engineering

Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation January 15

One $10,000 award and

bursaries of up to $1,000

- For the $10,000 award, students must be majors in Engineering

- All other full-time undergraduates may apply for the bursaries.

The Chinese Professionals Association of Canada January 31

One $3,000 award, and

up to four $1,000 awards

- for secondary and post-secondary students

- exceptional community leadership

- outstanding academic achievement

3M-STLHE National Student Fellowship



- must be a full-time student at a Canadian college or university, in your first undergraduate program.

- must be in neither your first nor your last year

Tim Hickman Memorial Health and Safety Scholarship January 31 $3,000

- must be registered full-time

- must be in a health related major, such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational health and safety, or medicine

- must submit a 300-500 word essay outlining your past contributions to health and safety

Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation

January 31/February 21

Seven at $5,000; three at $10,000

- female undergraduate student

- must demonstrate interest in particular kind of engineering

Hannah Studentship

for summer research in medical science

February 1 $5,500

- must be registered full-time student at a Canadian institution

- research project must address the history of medicine, disease, or health, and must be able to be completed within the three summer months

Kin Canada Bursaries February 1 $1,000

- must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

- must be completing high school, or enrolled in post-secondary study

- rewards community and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada, and financial need

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award February 1 Up to $7,000 per year, to a maximum of $15,000

- must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

- must be involved in voluntary humanitarian work

- must be in your first post-secondary program, and must maintain satisfactory academic standing

Pink Pearl Foundation Scholarship Feb 10 $1,000

- must have been diagnosed with cancer

- must be a full- or part-time student at a post-secondary institution

- must be active in extracurricular activities

- must have a GPA over 65%

EDC International Business Fellowships

Early February


- must be Canadian citizens enrolled in a program at a Canadian university focused on international business, finance, economics, or a combination of business with environmental or sustainability studies

Royal Canadian Geographical Society Independent Research Grant February 15 Up to $5500

- must be Canadian resident

- project must address some aspect of Canadian geography, and project goals must be to “make Canada better known to Canadians and the world.”

AEA Educational Foundation Scholarship Program February 15 $1000 to $35,000

- for students seeking careers in avionics or aviation maintenance

- many different awards are available. Please consult their website.

Advertising Standards Canada Robert E Oliver Award February 25 $1500

- must be a Canadian citizen

- must be enrolled full time in an Advertising or Marketing program

- must submit application with a 250 word essay to your program chair

RBC Royal Bank Scholarship for Aboriginals February 28 10 awards worth up to $4,000 each academic year for two to four years - must be status or non-status Indian, Inuit or Métis pursuing post-secondary education
Washington University Summer Engineering Fellowship March 1 Transportation, housing, and $4000 stipend

- must be in second, third, or fourth year of an undergraduate Engineering, Mathematics, or Science program, with the intention of returning to undergraduate studies in the Fall semester

- Canadian and International students welcome

- students from minority populations welcome

- must have an interest in research

Ken Dryden Scholarship First Friday in March Up to $3,000

- must be Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

- must be currently or formerly in the child welfare/protection system

- must be in or entering post-secondary education in Canada

Canadian Nurses Foundation Scholarships March 31 Many awards at various levels

- must be a full-time student in a nursing program at a Canadian institution

- many other conditions apply to each award.  Please consult their website.

Air and Waste Management Scholarships March 31 $2,000 - must be in an engineering or science field related to waste management

The Golden Key Society

April 1

$1000 to $2000

- must have been a Golden Key member for at least two semesters

- must be registered undergraduate or graduate student

- GPA 3.5 on a 4.0 scale

The SPIROL Scholarship March 22 Up to $5,000 per year for four years

- must be studying Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, or Science

- must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale

- must demonstrate a commitment to community service

A Place For Mom Scholarship

April 15 Five awards of $1,000

- must be enrolled in full time study, in a field that prepares you to work with seniors

- must write an essay 400-700 words in length. See their website for the essay topics.

Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship April 1 $1,000

- must be registered full-time

- must have documented proof of a mental illness

NEADS National Student Awards April 15 Six at $3,000, one at $1,000

- must have a permanent disability

- must be Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- must be registered in and returning to full-time post-secondary study in Canada

Joubin/Selig Scholarship April 21 $500 - $3,000

- must be a full-time student

- must have a permanent physical (mobility) disability

- must have demonstrated academic achievement

- must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

Athena Scholarship Award

April 28


- must be enrolled at the University of Windsor or St.Clair College

- must have been a Windsor-Essex resident for at least eighteen months

- interested in increasing leadership opportunities for women

Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Award April 30 Two awards of $2,000

- must be able to demonstrate a commitment to critically studying ethics in Canadian sport

- must be a sport practitioner, sport educator, or high performing athlete

Ontario Power Generation University Engineering Award May 15 $2,400

- must be eligible to work in Canada upon graduation

- must be part of an employment equity target group: women, indigenous, disabled, or visible minority student

- must be an Engineering major

Ontario Power Generation John Wesley Beaver Award May 15 $5,000

-must be a First Nations student resident in Ontario

- available in a restricted list of majors (see website)

- minimum 75.0 average

Paul Stothart Memorial Scholarship in Mineral Economics May 15 $3,500

- must be a second, third, or fourth year Economics major

- must be able to demonstrate an interest in mineral economics

SeniorCare Aging Matters Scholarship May 15 $1,500

- must be enrolled at a college or university

- must submit a 1000-word essay on "Why Aging Matters."

Orville Erickson Memorial Scholarship Fund May 25 $500 to $4,000

- must be Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- must be registered in full-time post-secondary study in Canada in the field of wildlife conservation

Start Proud Student Leadership Award May 26 $2,500

- award supports LGBTQ students

- must demonstrate academic success and leadership in the LGBTQ community

- must be able to articulate future plans for leadership in the LGBTQ community

The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers Award

May 27

One National Scholarship of $6,000 and six Regional Scholarships of $2,000

- must submit an essay

- strong academic and personal achievements

- application must be sponsored by a CFIG or A.D.A. member grocery store, who will serve as a mentor in preparation of the student’s application

The RBC Capital Markets Scholarship for Women Opens: March 3
Deadline: May 30
4 awards worth $5,000 each PLUS summer analyst positions at RBC Capital Markets - must be a female student in second year of undergraduate studies in a business program at a Canadian university
CNIB Scholarships May 31 $1,000 to $5,000

- must be Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- must be registered in full-time post-secondary study in Canada

- must be blind or partially sighted (less than 20/70 corrected)

2015 McKiggan Hebert End Distracted Driving Scholarship May 31 $1,000

- minimum GPA of 3.0

- must share your personal story about the effects of distracted driving

EFC Scholarship Program May 31 ranging from $1000 to $5000 - various requirements apply; please see their website
Cariati Law College Scholarship May 31 $1,000

- must be an undergraduate student

- must submit a 750-word essay

Husky Energy Scholarship program for Aboriginal Students May 31 Three scholarships at $5,000 each

- must show First Nations status

- available in a range of specific majors; please consult their website

Community Living Walkerton and District Educational Scholarship May 31 $1,000

- must reside in Bruce County or Grey County in Ontario, Canada; it is understood that they may live elsewhere to attend school.

- must be accepted to study full-time at a recognized Canadian institution in a post secondary program.

- must submit to the selection committee a 500 word essay to demonstrate their personal and/or professional experiences and challenges in promoting inclusion for persons with disabilities.

- must include in the essay an indication of their commitment to being a builder of stronger communities and good citizenship. 

Aspire Canada May 31 $1,000

- must create a profile and a fundraising campaign on the Aspire Canada website

- must submit an 800 word essay on the topic of careers, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, or fashion and beauty

Strong Analytics Data Science Scholarship June 1 $1,000

- The project must use publicly-available, open-access data

- All analyses, visualizations, and reports must be original

- Students can work individually or as teams

C.D Howe Scholarship Endowment Fund National Engineering Scholarship

June 1

$7,500 (two scholarships are available: one for a male student and one for a female student)

- must have completed the first year of an engineering program

- must be Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- candidates are nominated by the Dean of the School of Engineering

Indspire Scholarships June 1 Various

- must prove First Nations status

- various grants are available, with various requirements. Please consult their website.

Bridgehouse Scholarship Program June 15 Ten awards of $2,000

- entrants must be between 16 and 22 years old

- entrants must take a quiz and submit an essay 400-500 words long

Anishinabek Student Excellence Awards June 16 Four awards of $2,500

- must be Anishinabek First Nation student

- must be registered for full-time study

- must submit a short bio, an application letter, and two academic references

- please see attached instructions

The Katherine Lemke Heinrichs Scholarship July 1 $2,000

- must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- must be in your fourth year in a program of study related to international development and human rights, involving displaced persons or refugees

- must submit a short essay

Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy July 5 A series of awards of $500 each

- must be registered student

- must be diagnosed as having cerebral palsy

Norman Taylor Memorial Bursary July 25 $1,000

- must be Aboriginal

- must be full-time university student in a Business program

- financial need will be considered

James Lee Foundation Scholarship

Opens August 1

Closes Sept 15


- award for emerging creative talent in Canada seeking to enter the advertising industry

- must uplink a creative portfolio with no more then ten pieces in it

- may add a paragraph (max. 1000 characters) explaining how the award will support your creative progress

Indigenous Learning Centre Bursary August 5 $1,000

- must be enrolled full-time

- must have Aboriginal ancestry

- Letter of application required

Bill 7 Award August 4 @ 5:00 pm 10 awards of $2,500

- the award supports gay, lesbian, transsexual, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer students

- must submit an essay

- must be pursuing your first post-secondary degree