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Office of Student Experience


The mission of Student Affairs is to enrich the student experience through the provision of programs and services that advance student success, contribute to campus engagement and promote a safe, caring and inclusive environment.

We do this through:

  • Advocating on behalf of student needs and interests;
  • Providing leadership in meeting basic safety, health and welfare needs of students;
  • Providing programs of personal counselling, academic and career advising;
  • Engaging students in transitional and learning support programs;
  • Coordinating programs that encourage student participation in experiential learning including voluntary service; and
  • Administering a student discipline system that is fundamentally fair and focused on student learning.


In support of the Guiding Principles of the University of Windsor, we are committed to the following values:

Collaboration - We are committed to participation, collaboration and effective teamwork to achieve our mission;

Diversity - We are committed to creating an environment that fosters understanding and that celebrates the uniqueness of individuals; 

Excellence - We are committed to delivering high quality programs and services in a professional manner and to utilize creative approaches to address emerging issues;

Integrity -  We are committed to holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, to communicate with respect, openness and honesty and take responsibility for our actions; and

Support - We are committed to supporting our students and the campus community and to delivering our services in a manner that promotes empowerment and is reflective of changing realities.


Student Affairs embraces these values and translates them into the following core beliefs:

  • Our primary focus is students and those that support them;
  • Involvement in educational programs and services complements formal classroom and laboratory settings and enriches the quality of the learning experience and influences students’ academic, career and personal development;
  • A safe, nurturing, respectful, equitable, healthy and supportive campus community environment enhances learning and student success;
  • The university experience challenges and supports students as they explore different beliefs, controversial issues and values; and
  • All members of our educational community have the right to experience and engage in international activities.


With these values and beliefs serving as its foundation, Student Affairs is appropriately positioned to aggressively pursue the steps necessary to achieve its vision:

Student Affairs will be a valued partner with students, staff, faculty, alumni and the wider community in creating caring, engaging, welcoming and supportive campus community environments, programs and services that stimulate learning, and encourage personal growth and development.