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A Message from the President

When the university was in the development stages of our strategic plan, the campus was consulted to find out what priorities they believed were important for our institution. Not only did we confirm where we should focus our efforts, but the manner in which we pursue our objectives also became very clear. Based on the campus feedback, we identified a commitment to civility and respect for others within our list of values in the strategic plan. This commitment in particular has lead to the development of our new Service Excellence program, which we are pleased to launch in 2012.

This new program not only aligns with one of our core values, but it also reinforces our priority to provide an exceptional student experience. When we consistently offer friendly, helpful service, we strengthen our reputation of being a welcoming campus that provides individualized attention.

Supporting a key strategic priority with the decisions we make and the service we provide will help us achieve our vision of being a student-centred university. As a result, we will foster more student pride in UWindsor, which will elevate our profile and attract new students to our campus. When a commitment to service excellence is extended to the entire campus, including faculty, staff and all of our visitors, we not only strengthen one of our fundamental values but we more easily enable our community to benefit from the value we create.


Dr. Alan Wildeman, President and Vice-Chancellor