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Science Clubs and Societies

For a complete list of University clubs and societies, please visit the UWSA Directory.  Here is a quick reference of Science related clubs and societies that you may be interested in:

University of Windsor Science Society

The University of Windsor Science Society provides students enrolled in Science at the University with a forum for networking with those of similar interests to share and pool resources, increase academic performance, and increase student spirit. Initiatives of the Science Society include Science Fest, a Windsor Welcome Week event for first year Science students, hosting guest speakers including Nobel Laureate Dr. David Hubel in 2004, and bringing the Canada University Science games to campus in January 2006.

BCN Students' Association

The Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience Students' Association provides an opportunity for Psychology and Biology students enrolled in the BCN Program to pursue their academic interests and the goals of the Students' Association.

Computer Science Society

The Computer Science Society exists for the benefit of students enrolled in Computer Science at the University. The Society provides academic resources and sponsors academic-related activities to aide and complement the studies of CS students. The Computer Science Society is also involved in organizing social activities for CS students.

Concurrent Club

This club is open to concurrent science and education students from 1st to 4th year. It provides a unique support group where members can not only get to know each other better, but help each other out too. Students in 3rd and 4th year can focus on preparing themselves for entering the teaching profession through various resume workshops and resource exchange. Social events are the highlight and volunteering opportunities are provided.

Jull Earth Sciences Club - Contact Department at

The Jull Earth Sciences Club is an active club which organizes events, both social and educational (field trips, etc.) for undergraduate and graduate students interested in Earth Sciences.

Mathematics and Statistics Student Association (MSSA)- Contact at

The Mathematics and Statistics Student Association (MSSA) exists for the benefit of all undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The Association provides a forum for networking, sharing resources, and increasing student engagement within the Department, the Faculty of Science, and the University of Windsor. (

Physics Club

At the University of Windsor, the Physics Club is a great place students to get together to promote an interest in physics, to help each other through their studies, and to socialize outside of the classroom setting. Students have their own room, with couches, books, a microwave and a fridge. It is a great place to go in between classes. The Physics Club has three main areas of activity: Academic, Recruitment, and Social.

Students Orienting Students (S.O.S.)

S.O.S. is a volunteer program that is run through the office of Student and International Affairs at the University of Windsor.  This is a group of student volunteers who assist with orientations that help new students adjust successfully to university life, such as Head Start, Summer Information Program, and Windsor Welcome Week.  S.O.S. allows volunteers to develop and enhance their skills in communication, leadership, and teamwork, all while adding volunteer experience to their resume, co-curricular transcript, and graduate school applications.