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Learning Centres

The following Learning Centres are available to students taking science courses at the University of Windsor.

Chemistry & Physics Resource Centre
Room 182-1 Essex Hall

Assistance is available to students enrolled in first year Chemistry and Physics courses. The Centre provides computers to aid in the completion of homework, lab assignments, calculations etc. Hours of operation.

Computer Science Resource Centre
3150 Erie Hall

The School of Computer Science offers for all undergraduate students enrolled in any CS program a resource centre staffed by student Tutors. All tutoring services are free of charge and the resource centre is open every day of the week. The schedule is available here.  In addition, an online resource centre is available here.

Economics Help Centre
Room 219 Essex Hall

Teaching assistants for Introductory and Intermediate Economics (41-111/111, 41-221/231) are located in this area to provide students with individualized assistance. This facility, staffed by GA's & TA's, is designed to supplement the large group lectures with tutorial assistance. All students are strongly encouraged to make use of this teaching resource. Click here for hours of operation and Co-ordinator contact information.

Math Resource Centre
Room 3125 Erie Hall

Staffed throughout the day, the Math Resource Centre is a valuable resource for students, especially in first year, to avail themselves of the tutorial services and expertise of a Math Demonstrator. Assistance is available for students in Year 1 courses given by the Mathematics and Statistics Department. The Centre also provides a congenial atmosphere for students of all years to peer tutor and complete assignments. Hours of operation.

323 Biology Building

The Science Tutor offers FREE help with many courses, primarily in fields of Biology and health sciences. These courses include anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, first year biology and genetics. Tutoring can be done during office hours on a walk-in basis or appointments can be made to accommodate students' schedules. Tutoring is tailored to the needs of the student, and is offered on an individual basis or in small groups. Go to the website for more information and current office hours.

Earth and Environmental Sciences Resource Centre
Room 210 Memorial Hall

The Earth and Environmental Sciences Resource Centre is available for all students enrolled in EES courses. Graduate students are available from specific hours to help students with questions about content in their courses.  This is the perfect opportunity to get help between classes and your professor's office hours!  Click here for hours of operation.