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Research Excellence

The Faculty of Science is fortunate to have a compliment of scientists whose research initiatives receive international and national recognition for excellence and attract significant amounts of external funding from a variety of public and private sector sources. In the past year, professors in the Faculty of Science received an annual commitment in external funding in excess of $11 million in support of its research, published almost 390 articles in refereed journals, and won several distinctions. Acknowledgements of academic and research Distinction bestowed upon faculty members include:

In addition, there is no doubt that technology and innovation are at the heart of Canada’s future economy and in 2005, with the launching of Tessonics Inc. the transference of academic knowledge and innovation into the marketplace was witnessed. Tessonics Inc., a new company, was born out of a joint initiative between the research team of Physics professor Dr. Roman Maev, NSERC/DaimlerChrysler Industrial Research Chair in Applied Solid State Physics and Material Characterization, and DaimlerChrysler.  In recognition of the breakthrough technology embodied in the initiative, Dr. Maev was awarded a 2007 Premier's Catalyst Award for Innovation.