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Biological Safety

The Research Safety Committee (RSC) oversees all matters pertaining to biosafety at the University of Windsor. 

The RSC is also mandated to fulfil the responsibilities of a Research Institution Biological Safety Committee as described in the most current version of the Health Canada Laboratory Biosafey Guidelines.  These responsibilities include verifying that all work with biohazardous agents which is carried out at the University of Windsor is in accordance with the safety practices as stated in the Guidelines.

The Chemical Control Centre is responsible for administering the Biosafety program on a day-to-day basis, for providing technical advice on safety procedures and equipment and relevant regulations.  For further information on Biosafety, contact Sherri Menard at ext. 3524.


Apply for a Biosafety Certificate

Biosafety Manual

Biological Waste Disposal Poster

Health Canada Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines (3rd edition / 2004).

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