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Don't Be

Don't Be That Guy, Don't Be That Girl

Remember First Year?Don't Be That Girl

Everyone has stories about “that” guy or “that” girl that did something totally ridiculous under the influence and somehow paid the price. These stories are far too common, so the “Don’t Be That Guy, Don’t Be That Girl” program was developed.

“Don’t Be That Guy, Don’t Be That Girl” is a comprehensive alcohol and other drug prevention collaborative project between the University of Windsor, Windsor FOCUS Community and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, with startup funding provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The project has two main goals, to give alternatives for university students who are underage or prefer not to drink and to provide awareness on safe partying and alcohol responsibility for those that do. This is accomplished through non-alcohol events, educational workshops, strengthening policies and community partnerships.

Stay in Control
We know you’ve heard it before, but you don’t need to drink to have a good time. Actually, 25% of University of Windsor students don’t drink at all. But it’s your choice and if you do decided to drink here are some things to remember:
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Caught on Campus
The consequences to risky drinking are many and they can vary from having a bad hangover to missing class to being kicked out of school (yeah it’s happened before). Check out what happens if you’re caught in violation of the Campus Alcohol Policy.
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What's a Drink
Contrary to popular belief, a “drink” is not half vodka/half Gatorade in a supersized cup. Find out exactly what a standard drink is here.
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Someone has been drinking all night and passed out. Time to get out the Sharpies and draw things on his face! I don’t think so. Alcohol poisoning is no joking matter and can be quite serious. So, next time you stumble across a passed out friend, perhaps put the pranks on hold and help them out and here’s how.
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Alcohol Law 101
Get up to speed with all the legalities about having a party and drinking on campus.
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