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Residence - The Smart Choice

Involvement Opportunities (Volunteer)

 Res Rally WIRCWelcome to an experience unlike any other you've ever seen!

Living in residence at the University of Windsor means the chance to grow and learn outside of the classroom while having fun and making memories that will last a lifetime!

Whether you are a Cartier Leprechaun, a Laurier Lion, a Mac Moose, an Electa Eagle, an Alumni Alligator or a Clark Cougar, spirit and enthusiasm for residence will abound!

Living in residence is a balance between your social life and your academic career and the Residence Life Staff at Windsor helps students to maintain that balance. Besides the opportunities for involvement and leadership development like WIRC, the Student Conduct Board and R&FSAB, there are countless programs, events and activities throughout the year.


Residence & Food Services Advisory Board

The Residence & Food Services Advisory Board (R&FSAB) is the formal consultative body between the residence students and the administrative staff of both Residence and Food Services.  The R&FSAB meets regularly and it is your chance to raise any issues affecting students in residences including residence rates, services, staffing, regulations and policies.  The R&FSAB is composed of the Department Heads of Residence and Food Services, Residence Life Manager, the Executive Director fo Student Ancillary Services, the three Residence Life Coordinators, all campus Food Service Managers and up to twelve students (two per residence) appointed by the Windsor Inter-Residence Council.  A representative of University of Windsor Student Alliance (U.W.S.A.) also serves on the board.  Questions or suggestions regarding R&FSAB should be directed to your representative.  Meetings are open and any interested student may attend as an observer even if they are not an elected representative.  Contact your Food Ombudsperson for more information or to be your voice on the committee.

Residence Student Conduct Board
(formerly Judicial Board)

Major infractions of the Understandings and Agreements as well as disciplinary appeals are reviewed by the Residence Student Conduct Board.  There will be two Student Conduct Boards selected by a panel of student leaders.  Each Board will consist of the Student Conduct Coordinator and students selected proportionately from the residences.  The purpose of the Student Conduct Board is to ensure that the rights of the individual and the rights of the residence community are upheld.

Residence Room Ambassadors

Residence Room Ambassadors serve as Tour Room Volunteers and Campus Tour Guides.  Tour Room Volunteers are students who open their rooms for campus tours.