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Events and Programmes in Residence

 Programming and Educational Opportunities

  • Students can learn and develop in the residence halls, just as in the classrooms
  • Residence Life Staff is committed to the development of personal growth of residents through programming
  • RLS (Residence Life Staff) strive to instill a sense of community, spirit and a mature attitude toward residence life within the students on their floor and in their building
  • RLS are required to provide educational programs for their respective students
  • possibilities for programs are endless and the RLS are always looking for new ideas and topics from the students on their floorResidence Activities

Educational programming allows the students to develop new skills, clarify their values and improve their interpersonal skills. It also allows students to be involved in their own learning process because they help determine the topics to be addressed. Issues commonly discussed in the past have included; community involvement, finances, relationships, safe sex and sexuality, sexual assault, study skills and time management.

The objectives of these educational programs are to increase awareness, provoke discussion and educate residents. Above and beyond the RLS, programs and events are also coordinated within residence by the WIRC ( Windsor Inter Residence Council) and various student services in the University. If you have a particular interest or want to get involved, please talk to your RA (Resident Assistant) or RLC (Residence Life Coordinator).

For Lancer events, please see: