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Inside the RDC


The RDC is located on the first floor of the Leddy Library at the University of Windsor.

Contact information

Dan Edelstein
RDC Academic Director
Tel. 519-253-3000 ext. 4722

Kristi Thompson
Data Librarian
519-253-3000 ext. 3858

Mike Houlahan
Statistical Assistant
519-253-3000 ext. 4880

General inquiries:

Mailing address

Statistics Canada Research Data Centre
c/o Dan Edelstein, Academic Data Centre Manager
Leddy Library
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N9B 3P4


The RDC is wheelchair accessible. One accessible workstation with a height adjustable work surface is available. An accessible washroom is located in the basement of the Leddy Library.

Visitors and guests

Only persons with security clearance are allowed entry into the RDC. Researchers may not escort individuals who do not have security clearance into the centre. The physical security of the equipment and the data is the legal responsibility of each researcher as a 'deemed employee' of Statistics Canada.

Laptops and cell phones

In order to maintain confidentiality of the Statistics Canada microdata, personal electronic devices such as laptop computers and cell phones are not allowed to be used in the Windsor RDC.

Statistical Assistant

A statistical assistant is present during operating hours to assist researchers with using the RDC. Because it is a branch operation, there is no Statistics Canada RDC analyst on site, which means that research output and computer programs are not vetted locally. In the host RDC (Western), the Statistics Canada analyst will vet the output before releasing the information to the researchers. The analyst in the host RDC co-ordinates the administration of the research contracts in the branch (in collaboration with the statistical assistant) and also provides remote assistance on questions related to survey content.


There are four workstations in the RDC containing the following software:
Microsoft Office 
Additional software can be ordered as needed upon request.


Within the secure premises of the RDC, output of any type can be printed, but it must not be removed from the RDC before being examined and approved by the Western RDC analyst. Output without disclosure control will be printed on green coloured paper to avoid accidental confusion with outside material brought into the centre or output already approved to leave the centre. Green coloured paper does not leave the RDC. At the end of a session, materials should be returned to the statistical assistant for secure storage until the next visit.

Short-term use lockers

There are lockers inside the RDC for researchers who wish to securely store personal items. Keys are available from the statistical assistant and can be used for the duration of each session.

Meeting Area

A table is available for research teams to meet.