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Participant Pool Information for Undergraduate Students

Registering as a Pool Participant

In order for undergraduate students in eligible psychology courses to register for the Psychology Participant Pool, go to: The specific dates and times of the registration period are also listed on the website.

On the web-based form, students provide demographic and contact information and respond to a limited number of selection items that have been submitted by individual researchers for the purpose of identifying subsamples for research (e.g., “Would you describe yourself as a practicing vegetarian? Yes/No”; “Were you adopted into your immediate family? Yes/No”). These questions have been approved by the appropriate ethics review committee.

Prior Users

Your acccounts are carried over from term to term and passwords remain the same.  If you forget your password, click "Lost your password?" on the left side of the Pool page.  If you experience further difficulty, e-mail

New Users

Go to and select “Request an account here” on the left hand side of the screen. Follow the instructions carefully.  Please note that the "Request an account here" link is only available while the registration period is open.  It is not posible to request and create an account once the registration period has closed for the term.

E-mail Addresses

All participants are required to use their uwindsor e-mail address when creating an account and in all communication with the Participant Pool and researchers.

Please remember that every term you must:

  1. register (and re-register) for the Participant Pool each term; if you do not, you will not be able to register for, or participate in, research studies for bonus credits)
  2. sign up for studies posted on the site (you must take the initiative to do this; do not expect researchers to contact you; you may continue to be occasionally contacted by researchers)
  3. check the site frequently for new studies that you can participate in (new studies will be added throughout the term)
  4. assign your credits: indicate how you want the bonus credits you have earned to be distributed across the psychology courses you are taking. You will assign credits to courses when you sign up for studies; however you can change your credit assignment at any point before the end of the term
  5. check your email for announcements from the participant pool, or from researchers
  6. familiarize yourself with the procedures for the pool in the participant manual (see the link on this page)

Participant Manual

Please review the manual carefully. Everything you need to know to take part in the pool as a participant is included in it. [Click here]

Important dates

Check the Participant Pool web site ( for a list of important dates (e.g., When the registration period closes; the last day by which you can assign credits to courses). These dates are updated every semester.

Reference information

For more information

If you have any difficulty registering for the pool, signing up for studies, assigning earned credits to courses, or interacting with researchers, please email the Participant Pool Coordinator at

If you have questions about a specific study, please contact the researcher for that study (which can be found by logging into the system and looking at the study).

If you choose or are not able to participate in any research studies, you can still earn bonus marks in your eligible Psychology courses by completing equivalent, alternate assignments specified by your course instructor. Refer to you course outline or contact your course instructor about the alternative assignment.