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Conscious and Unconscious Processes Lab

Faculty Advisor:

Stephen Hibbard (Adult Clinical)
Student Members
Lauren Ruttle, Kristina Jurkovic, Jenny Robinson     
Interests and Activities:
Research focuses on empirical studies of the interface between psychoanalytic and cognitive conceptualizations of unconscious processes and structures: perception and memory; empirical studies of ucs conflict/ defence in personality structure; priming; implicit motives; Lab measures of impulsivity; disinhibitory processes in personality
Publications (past seven years)
Hibbard, S., Porcerelli, J., Kamoo, R., Schwartz. M., & Abell, S. (In press). Defense and object relational maturity on Thematic Apperception Test scales indicate levels of personality organization. Journal of Personality Assessment.
Wilson, T., Milsevic, A., Carrol, M., Hart, K., & Hibbard, S. (2008). Physical health status in relation to self forgiveness and other forgiveness in healthy college students. Journal of Health Psychology, 13, 798-803.
Porcerelli, J., Cogan, R., & Hibbard, S. (2004). Personality characteristics of partner violent men: Q-sort approach. Journal of Personality Disorders, 18, 151-162.
Hibbard, S. (2003). A critique of Liliefeld et al’s (2000) “The scientific status of projective techniques”. Journal of Personality Assessment, 80, 260-272.
Porcerelli, J. & Hibbard, S. (2003). Projective assessment of defense mechanisms. In M. Heersen, Comprehensive handbook of psychological assessment (pp 466-473). John Wiley and Sons.
Selected Conference Presentations
Hibbard, S., Miscovic, V., & Snodgrass, M. (March, 2007). Differential defense mechanisms facilitate and inhibit unconscious detection of stimulus words of opposite affective valences. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Personality Assessment.
Recent Theses and Dissertations:
Doctoral Dissertations
Carriere, Marc (2009). Rorschach and MMPI-2 construct specific convergence: Disentangling the roles of response style and general psychopathology.
Bertrim, Sarah (2008). The experience of deliberate self harm
Honours Theses:
McColl, Vanessa (2008). Unconscious detection of negative affect words is predicted by Denial scored in TAT stories.
Miscovic, Vladimir (2007). Unconscious detection of positive and negative affect words is predicted by defense mechanisms scored in TAT stories.