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Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC)

The Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC) provides clinical services at the University of Windsor.

Clients at the PSRC are seen by graduate student trainees from the Psychology Department and all trainees are supervised by faculty and staff who are Registered Psychologists in the Province of Ontario.

The PSRC provides confidential individual and group psychotherapy to university students free of charge. Students wanting other forms of assistance (e.g., crisis intervention, academic or legal counseling, study skills training, or medical assistance) are referred to appropriate services on campus or in the Windsor community.  The PSRC also provides services, such as psychological assessments, to children, adolescents, and adults from  the Windsor community on a sliding fee scale.

Current University of Windsor students seeking individual psychotherapy services should go first to the Student Counseling Centre (SCC), Room 293, CAW Centre. The SCC provides assessment, crisis intervention, and short term counseling and may provide a referral to the PSRC for longer term therapy.  Students who wish to participate in advertised group psychotherapy programs that are offered at PSRC may contact the centre directly to register, either by phone at 519-973-7012 or in person at 326 Sunset Avenue.

Individuals or families in the larger Windsor community who are interested in accessing psychological assessment services through the PSRC may contact the centre directly by phone 519-973-7012 or e-mail   For more details, please see the brochures describing the child/adolescent and adult assessment programs:

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Group and individual therapy services are provided free of charge to University of Windsor students. Psychological assessment services are offered on a fee-for-service basis to student and staff members at the university and to the surrounding Windsor community.   There is a sliding fee scale available to qualified individuals and families.  Please contact the centre at 519-973-7012 for more details.   All clients are charged a $10 'rebooking' fee for cancelled appointments if 24 hours' notice is not given.  If a client misses two appointments without explanation, it will be assumed that service is no longer required.
Initial Consultation

Clients will be scheduled for a first appointment as soon as a therapist is available. Wait times vary during the year but generally a first appointment can be arranged within two to three weeks. The type of assistance being sought will be discussed during the initial session.

Ongoing Individual Psychotherapy

Ongoing individual psychotherapy is appropriate for clients who need more than short term crisis intervention. Such clients are seen for regular sessions, once a week in most cases. The length of the therapy can vary and will be provided at PSRC for no longer than two academic semesters.
Group Psychotherapies

During the academic year, groups with discussions focused on different topics of interest to the student body are offered.  These groups are advertised throughout the year.  Group topics offered in previous years have included ongoing therapy groups (e.g., Depression and Mood Disorder Group) and single-session Student Wellness Information Meetings (SWIM) focused on various topics. 

Psychological Assessments

During the academic year, PSRC staff work with the students from graduate courses to conduct assessments on selected clients who would most benefit from such psychological assessment.


The needs of some clients can best be met by another professional (e.g., psychiatrist, physician), another facility on campus, or another agency in the Windsor area (e.g., Hiatus House, Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, Family Service Agencies, and Windsor Regional Hospital). Referrals are made to assist these clients in obtaining relevant, timely assistance that best meets their needs.

We strictly adhere to the professional standards of confidentiality adopted by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. The fact that you come to the Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC) and the information you share with your therapist are kept private and confidential.

We are required to keep records of your visits and these records stay at the Centre. They will not be shared with anyone else at the University. By law, we may not reveal anything about you to anyone without your written permission, with the following exceptions.
  • Reports to a therapist about current child abuse.
  • Reports to a therapist about sexual transgressions by another health care professional.
  • An order from a judicial court of law.
  • Threats of clear and imminent danger to the physical safety of any individual.
  • A random review of a psychologist's files by confidential "Quality Assurance Assessors" when required by the Health Disciplines Act of Ontario.
Our privacy procedures are described in greater detail in the brochure titled "Protecting the Privacy of Your Personal Health Information" available at the PSRC.

Please feel free to contact us for further clarification and explanation of our standards of professional practice.

Dr. Antonio Pascual-Leone (Associate Professor, Director)
Dr. Ben Kuo (Associate Professor, Supervising Psychologist)
Dr. Annette Dufresne (Supervising Psychologist)
Paulette Lafleur-Fleming (Office Coordinator)
Chantal Boucher, Ph.D (Advanced Practicum Student)
Simritpal Malhi, Ph.D (Advanced Practicum Student)
Tsubasa Sawashima, Ph.D (Advanced Practicum Student)
Paulette Lafleur-Fleming, Office Coordinator
Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 7012 or 519-973-7012
The House on Riverside
Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC)
2629 Riverside Drive West
Windsor, ON
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