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Master of Applied Economics and Policy

The challenging global economy requires highly trained individuals who possess  the  knowledge  and  the  skills  in  economic  policy  making  and, participate effectively in helping decision-makers choose sound economic policies that strike a good balance between cyclical economic recovery and long-run economic growth.

This exciting course-based program provides students with graduate-level knowledge and skills related to applications of economic theory in policy-making, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

The program is comprised of four distinct parts delivered over 16 consecutive months:

  1. six core courses;
  2. series of specialized electives;
  3. courses in both management and business communications; and,
  4. policy project. 

Career Opportunities:

Alumni are able to find positions in industry, government, think tanks, and international organizations. There is a dramatic technological change within this industry. This program specifically equip graduates with the skills and knowledge that successfully enable them to be highly competitive in the current labour market.

Intake: September

We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2017 intake.

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Please note that the Master of Applied Economics and Policy program is a professional, course-based program, that has no research or thesis component.

*Should you be interested in the research based Master of Arts program in Economics, please click here to be re-routed to the appropriate website

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