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Debate club hosts second event




Several students participated in this year's Political Sciebce Debate Club event.
The Political Science Debate Club, led by political science majors James Dunn, Trevor Fairlie, and Tina Savic, hosted a second annual debate event on the evening of Wednesday, March 25. Eight students competed in a series of debates, with Zach Battiston, Diego De Armero Amaya, Kevin Smart, and John-Michael Markovic picking up top honours among the debaters. Participants and attendees had the chance to speak with two veteran debaters from the Uwindsor Law School, who have previously won debate and moot court awards. The Political Science Debate Club will organize more debate events in the future. Those interested in participating can get more information by checking the club's facebook page.
Digital Journalism students present new documentary on diversity
Students in Windsor's Digital Journalism program are presenting a documentary that investigates multiculturalism in Windsor and asks questions about how people have made Windsor their home, looking at the changes, sacrifices, and opportunities immigrants to Windsor face. Windsor is the fourth most diverse city in Canada and although we see different cultures every day, do we ever truly take the time to know the stories behind these faces? The documentary, titled The Mosaic: Windsor's Diversity, demonstrates the importance of cultural diversity in Windsor and of the unique stories of immigrants. 

When: Monday, March 30, 6:00 pm
Where: Katzman Lounge (located in Vanier Hall)

Drinks and refreshments will be available. The event is open to the public and admission is free. More information is available via The Mosaic facebook page:

UWillDiscover Undergraduate Research Conference coming up
The University of Windsor will be hosting an undergraduate research conference, UWillDiscover, in March 2015. Students interested in participating can submit proposals up through February 5 February 9, 2015. Please check the conference website for details on submission criteria and procedures. This is an exciting opportunity to develop your research and presentation skills in a supportive and engaging academic setting. The conference is a collaborative project supported by the Outstanding Scholars program, the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Research and Innovation Services, and the Office of Open Learning.


Special Election - Undergrad Representative needed for Winter 2015

Update! Congratulations to winner of the special election Jacob Godfrey, and thank you to all those students who put their names forward as candidates.

The Political Science BAU Council requires one Undergraduate Student Representative for the remainder of the 2014-2015 academic year (one student rep has graduated and now needs to be replaced). Nomination forms are available from the Political Science Office, Room 1143 or 1149 Chrysler Hall North, or can be downloaded by clicking here. The nomination form must be completed and submitted to the Political Science Office by 4:00 pm on Friday, January 16, 2015. Each nomination form requires the signature of the nominee, the nominator and the seconder. All students must be registered in either the Political Science or International Relations programs.

Voting for student representatives will take place on Monday, January 19, 2015 between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm and 1:00 and 4:00 pm. The list of candidates will be posted outside of Room 1143 CHN. You MUST bring your student ID card when you vote, and you must be a Political Science or IR major to vote.

The student representatives are required to attend meetings of the Political Science BAU Council. Each will also be elected to one or more Committees of the Political Science Council. The major committees are Appointments; Promotion, Tenure and Renewal; Undergraduate; Recruitment and Retention; and Faculty Coordinating Council Representative. Student representatives are full voting members of Council, and their input is very important in Council deliberations. 


Windsor Political Science and IR students at Model UN
In early November 2014, Windsor Model United Nations (WinMUN) sent the university's first-ever delegation team to participate in a MUN conference, hosted at Queen's University. The team ventured to the Queen's campus in Kingston, Ontario to debate and negotiate on political issues both historic and contemporary. From the Crusades to the Cold War, the WinMUN delegates articulated innovative policies and engaged in practical, productive diplomacy with their fellow delegates from across Canada.

Windsor Model UN (WINMUN)

WinMUN delegates at the Queen's Model UN Conference. Pictured (left to right): Eric Hubberstey, Mason Herberholz, Fatir Ali, Hirondelle Heredia Cortés, Arianne Saltron, Samra Levnjak.

This is only the beginning of a very bright future for UWindsor's Model United Nations club. If you would like to get involved, come to one of the reuglar WinMUN meetings. More info on WinMUN can be found on the group's website


Congratulations to our 2013-14 Dean's Honour Roll students

Several Political Science and International Relations majors finished the 2013-14 academic year on the Dean's Honour Roll. To make the Honour Roll, students must have completed at least 10 courses by the end of the academic year and maintain an 80 average. Congratulations to all of our outstanding majors for your hard work and success!

Communication, Media and Film, and Political Science
Jessaline Fynbo

English and Political Science
Nathan Devries

History and Political Science
Paisley Bartiam, John-Michael Markovic, Robert Moore

Concurrent BA Political Science/Bed/ECE
Miriam Elkeeb

International Relations and Development Studies
James Carvalho, Adam Zvric

Political Science
Chad Curtis, Patrick Delmore, Michael Dodich, Trevor Fairlie, Paige Gouin, Luke Harmon, Meagan Hugall, Urosh Opacic, Rebecca Robinet, Tina Savic, Hilana Sayed, Ken Ternoey

Political Science, Bilingual Specialization
Veronique Champoux

Political Science and History
Amanda Alchin, Sean Antaya

Political Science and Philosophy
James Dunn

Political Science, Law and Politics Specialization
Zachary Battiston, Ryan Beauchamp, Chelsea Bonneau, Zachary McGinnis, Sean Moxon, Andrea Ruys

Criminology and Political Science
Brett Severin


Student election results
Election results for recent votes on AAU council undergraduate and graduate representatives and USIRPS officers for the 2014-15 academic year are now in. The three unergraduate representatives on the faculty AAU council this year are Trevor FairliePatrick MacKinlay, and Tina Savic, while Robert Powers will serve as graduate student representative on council.

Students voted in several USIRPS officers as well. Trevor Fairlie will serve as President this academic year, with Jacob Godfrey as Vice-President. Alanna Foulon will be the USIRPS Treasurer, and Geoffrey Alchin will be the group's Secretary. Brittany York and Tanya Van Dongen are the representatives for, repsectively, the first year students and the second year students.

Congratulations to all who won election this year, and thanks to all who ran for these posts. 


Congrats to our 2014 Political Science and IR grads!
Several students graduated with their BA and MA degrees in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Windsor's convocation on June 12, 2014. If you missed the university's convocation ceremonies, you can watch the archived webcast here (sessions 3 and 4 include Political Science and IR program graduates). Many of our BA graduates are headed on to careers in the public and private sectors, or continuing their education in grad programs at schools such as Carleton, Dalhousie, and Western, as well as our own MA program at Windsor. Our MA graduates who walked across the stage today have also moved into exciting work in public service and the non-profit and private sectors, as well as further education in political science, political economy, and law. We congratulate all of our 2014 graduates and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!