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Michael Bell

This is one in a series of testimonials from Political Science and International Relations graduates and how they've put their degrees to work.  For more on our current students and alumni, please visit our Students and Alumni page.

Ambassador Michael BellMichael Bell is the Paul Martin Senior Scholar in International Relations, and a director of the Jerusalem Old City Initiative in Windsor’s Department of Political Science. He is also former Chair of the Donor Committee of the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq, and has had considerable experience in conflict management, mediation, peace-building, peace-keeping, policy analysis and formulation, governance, human rights, civil society and economic and social development.  His long and illustrious career in the Canadian Foreign Service includes service as Canada’s Ambassador to Jordan (1987-90), Egypt (1994-98), and Israel (1990-92 and 1999- 2003), as well as stints as Executive Assistant for Middle East Affairs to the Honourable Robert Stanfield (1978-79), Director of the Middle East Relations Division (1983-87), Director General for Central and Eastern Europe (1992-94), and Fellow at the Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs at Harvard University (1998-99).  From 2003 to 2005, Professor Bell was Senior Scholar on Diplomacy at the Munk Centre for International Studies, at the University of Toronto.

Before this career in the foreign service, however, Michael Bell was a student in Windsor's Department of Political Science. Undergraduate and graduate degrees from our department in 1966 and 1967 provided the foundation for Professor Bell’s career in public service and international relations.  Many of our other students and graduates are working to follow in his footsteps with research and careers in diplomacy, international relations, and public service.