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Greetings from the fun and fabulous Physics Department at the University of Windsor.  We are committed to our strategic priorities of Teaching Excellence, Research & Experiential Learning, and Community Engagement.  Our Department is uniquely known for the multiple genres of experiential learning opportunities we provide all our students.  Most students participate in research with our world-renowned faculty in the areas of Atomic, Molecular and Optical (AMO) Physics, Materials Science, and Biomedical Physics.  Explore these pages, and if you'd like to know more, request a tour of the Department by sending an email to



Medical Physics Represents UWindsor in National Magazine 

In the 2014 issue of the Maclean’s “Canadian Universities Guidebook,” the authors identified the Department's B.Sc. in Medical Physics as one of three “Standout Programs” at the University.  The Guidebook advises that the degree will “…leave graduates well-positioned to move into programs in radiology or medical imaging.”

You can read the full Guidebook excerpt here.

This conclusion can be quickly confirmed by taking a look at our recent undergraduate student co-op poster presentations, which show high-level research being conducted by our students in the areas of: transcranial ultrasonic imaging, ultrasound for chemotherapeutic dosage monitoring, developing phantoms for minimally invasive heart surgery, computerized validation of cancer treatment electron beams, analyzing phantoms for CT imaging, and the development of novel radiation dosimeters. 

Physicists use high-tech methods to analyze priceless art works

Professor Roman Maev and Dr. Dmitry Gavrilov were featured in the April 11, 2014 UWindsor Daily News.  Read about their non-destructive analysis of artwork which is garnering attention all over the world here.

Dr. Rangan appointed as U. Windsor's Teaching Leadership Chair

Professor Chitra Rangan is in the inaugural cohort of University of Windsor Teaching Leadership Chairs. The Chairs are full-time faculty members who, for a three-year period, will focus a portion of their considerable energies on leading and supporting teaching and curricular initiatives in their faculties and across campus.  Teaching Leadership Chairs are awarded to mid-career and senior faculty members with strong track records as innovative leaders in teaching and learning at the post-secondary level.

On the "cutting edge" of medical imaging technology... 

Three of our highly-talented undergraduates (shown at left) presented their co-operative work term research results to the Department on Thursday, Febrauary 6th, 2014.  All three are working at the intersection of physics and modern medicine to develop new ultrasonic imaging technology.  To learn more, click here.

Professor Rehse was honored along with other colleagues on Friday, January 24, 2014 at the 14th Annual Faculty of Science Celebration of Success.

He was one of two recipients of the distinguished 2013 Roger Thibert Teaching Excellence Award, as well as a 2013 Faculty Performance Award.  Shown here is Dr. Rehse with the teaching excellence award being congratulated by Dr. Chitra Rangan, Head of the Department of Physics, and Dr. Marlys Koschinsky, Dean of Science.

Congratulations to awardees at the Faculty of Science Celebration of Success.  From Physics:
- Mr. Brendan Rhyno, Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship
- Dr. Steven Rehse, Roger Thibert Teaching Excellence Award
- Dr. Eugene Kim, Faculty Teaching Score Award
- Mr. Mark Lubrick, Sessional Teaching Score Award
- Dr.  Steven Rehse, Faculty Performance Award
- Dr. Eugene Kim, Physics Department Recognition Award

Impromptu Physics Alumni Get-together.  Physics alum visiting Windsor for Christmas got together for an impromptu reunion on Monday December 23rd, 2013.  A grand time was had by all. Impromptu alumni Christmas get-together

Celebration of Student Excellence 2013 First year students entering the University with an average of 90% or greater, and returning students named to the Dean's Honour Roll were recognized for their excellent academic achievement at the 11th annual Dean's Reception on November 15, 2013. From Physics:
Zaki Ahmed BSC[H]- Physics & High Technology (Medical Physics) Co-op
Matthew Alexander BSC[H]- Physics
Ryan Alfano BSC[H]- Physics & High Technology (Medical Physics) Co-op
Geoffrey Baran BSC[H]- Physics & High Technology (Medical Physics) Co-op
Erica Bassakos BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Aaron Bondy BSC[H]- Physics with Thesis
Cyrus Cerkauskas BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Justine Cunningham BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Amalia Despenic BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Karlee Fischer BSC[H]- Physics (Medical Physics) Co-op
Wesley Frowley BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Derek Gillies BSC[H]- Physics & High Technology (Medical Physics) Co-op
Katherine Golden BSC[H]- Physics
Austin Lindquist BSC[H]- Physics
Dragan Lukic BSC[H]- Physics
Aaron Mascaro BSC[H]- Physics
Timothy Mlinaric BSC[H]- Physics & High Technology Co-op
Lucas Montcalm BSC[H]- Physics
Abbey Nicoletti BSC[H]- Physics (Medical Physics)
Alexandra Paulick BSC[H]- Physics
Anthony Piazza BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Vlora Riberdy BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Maha Sami BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]THS
Hassan Shahzad BSC[H]- Physics [Medical Physics]
Collin Tiessen BSC[H]- Physics Co-op
Travis Valdez BSC[H]- Physics
Natan Veinberg BSC[H]- Chemistry & Physics
Daniel Venn BSC[H]- Physics Co-op
Congratulations to all the honorees!

Dr. Schlesinger and Dr. Brown win Seeds for Hope funding for cancer research.  Their research investigates whether a tumour’s aggressiveness can be predicted through non-invasive examination of the tumour tissue’s interstitial pressure.  This was one of three University of Windsor cancer research projects that won grants from the Windsor & Essex County Cancer Centre Foundation.  [Windsor Star]

Congrats Grads!  We celebrate the accomplishments of our students who graduated in fall 2013:  Mike Sullivan (PhD) seen with his advisor Dr. Tim Reddish, Aneesh Dhar (MSc), Andrew Ouellette (BSc), Dan Travo (MSc), Dante Capaldi (BSc), 3rd year student Anmol Dhar, Alumnus Matt Williams and Head of Physics Dr. Chitra Rangan.  Missing from this photo are Adrian Wydra (MSc), Zaki Ahmed (BSc) and Russell Putnam (BSc).

Welcome back Golden Grads!  Seen below with Dr. Rangan are two of the three graduates of the first graduating class in BSc Honours Physics from the University of Windsor.  1963 grads Dr. Cosmo Carlone and Dr. Emil Koteles came back to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University.  Missing from this photo is Dr. R.J. "Bob" Atkinson.

MSc student Russell Putnam (BSc UWindsor Physics, 2013) won two awards at the recent SciX 2013 Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: a Society for Applied Spectroscopy Student Travel Award and a NASLIBS Student Poster Award for his poster, “Oscillator Strength Measurements in Lanthanides and Transition Metals Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.” 

For earlier News items, please see the Archive.