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Community Engagement

Whether you are a student, teacher or just someone who is interested, we'd love to share our passion for Physics with you.

You are welcome to visit our department during the open houses or schedule a special tour by contacting


Previous outreach programs:

  • The Physics Travelling Roadshow - An exciting video accompanied by experiments will enthral and entertain your students, while they learn about static electricity and waves. Developed and presented by Dr. E. H. Kim, this will be available beginning in the Fall of 2007. Contact to schedule.
  • Annual Science Education Workshop - Usually held in the first half of April, this workshop aims to provide HS teachers in the Windsor-Essex and Metro-Detroit regions with a networking opportunity with physicists. We also share strategies for successful teaching of Physics.
  • A Science Partnership In Research & Education (ASPIRE) - Launched by the Faculty of Science in 2006, this very successful annual event provides a forum where university professors and Secondary School science teachers can explore opportunities to collaborate as educators. Look out for announcements in February.
  • Youth Science and Technology Outreach Program (YSTOP) - A Faculty of Science initiative to help get Grade 10 students interested in careers in science, YSTOP involves hands-on sessions on various topics such as Optics and Photonics both at the Canada Science City South as well as the University of Windsor campus. Also Science Cafes will bring lectures by famous scientists to students and parents alike.