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Dr. Wladyslaw Kedzierski

Dr. Wladyslaw KedzierskiDr. Wladyslaw Kedzierski
Department Head


B.Sc., Ph.D., (Jagiellonian)
Dr hab. (Nicholas Copernicus)

Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 2684
Office Location: 288-2 Essex Hall
Lab Extension: 2654
Lab Location: B88-1, B-83, B-84 Essex Hall
Photon and Electron interactions with Atoms and Molecules

Absolute values of many electron impact cross sections are needed by physicists and astrophysicists, who are numerically simulating complicated collision processes in low temperature plasmas or in atmospheres of planets, stars and comets. Many of these cross sections are very difficult to measure and are not yet known. Some very interesting and important electron impact processes are those leading to the dissociation of molecules with production of atoms in metastale states. We are measuring absolute cross sections for many of these processes in our laboratory (collaboration with Dr. McConkey), in time of flight experiment with a fragment-specific detector based on the cold matrix isolation technique (see Kedzierski 2004, Kedzierski et al 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1998 ) , but we are restricted by the temperature of the matrix and sensitivity of the photomultiplier. Up to now, we were able to measure the absolute cross section for the production of oxygen in the 1S state and sulfur in the 1S state from various molecules.