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Dr. Mordechay Schlesinger

Dr. Mordechay SchlesingerDr. Mordechay Schlesinger
Professor Emeritus


M.Sc., Ph.D. (Jerusalem)

Honours and Awards:

A.P.S. Fellow
C Phys
F Inst
Fellow of the Electrochemical Society (US)
GM Academic Research Fellow

Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 2653
Office Location: 289-2 Essex Hall
Lab Location: B88-2, B89 Essex Hall
Theoretical and Experimental Studies in Condensed Matter Physics

My work is of a multi faceted nature as follows:

  1. The Unitary Group Approach (Theoretical). This is a novel method for the calculation and interpretation of complex spectra.
  2. Electroless Metal Deposition Patterning. (Experimental). Here, methods of selectively deposited thin layers of metals (electroless) in particular copper and gold are being perfected. The methods themselves were developed in our research group. The recent development of producing micro circuits made of copper rather than aluminum makes this an important subject
  3. Modelling and Numerical Simulations (Theoretical), particularly in systems of interest in electrochemistry, using finite element (FEM) and/or finite difference(FDM) methods
  4. Giant Magneto Resistance (Experimental) Our work on the electrodeposition of metallic multilayers from a single solution with their unique mechanical as well as giant magneto-resistance properties has spawned a number of industrial applications as well as theoretical attempts at interpretation of the phenomenon.
Recent Publications:

(Peer refereed work in reverse chronological order. Last few years)

  1. Two Books by M. Schlesinger (2008). “Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry” (Modelling and Numeric Simulations). Volumes 43 and 44. Published by Springer [420 & 370 pages]
  2. Book by M. Schlesinger and M. Paunovic, (2006). “Modern Electroplating”. Published in Chinese by CIP Beijing, Peoples Republic of China [630 pages]
  3. Book by M. Paunovic and M. Schlesinger (2006). “Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition”. 2nd Edition, Published by J. Wiley and Sons, Inc. [373 pages]
  4. Y. Yao, M. Schlesinger and G. W. F. Drake, “A Multiscale Finite-Element Method for Solving Rough Surface Elastic Contact Problems”. Canadian Journal of Physics 82, 679-699 (2004)
  5. M.E. Gertner and M. Schlesinger, “Drug Delivery from Electrochemically Deposited Thin Metallic Films”. Electrochemical and Solid State Letters. 6, (4), J4-J6 (2003)
  6. M. Schlesinger, L. F. McAven and Y. Yao, “Numerical Investigations into Static and Quasistatic Problems of Two Dimensional Dry Elastic Frictional Contact”. Canadian Journal of Physics 80, 505-524, (2002)
  7. Book by M. Schlesinger and M. Paunovic, (2000). “Modern Electroplating”. 4th Edition, Published by John Wiley and Sons, New York [868 pages]
  8. M. Schlesinger et. al., “Induced Crystallographic Orientations in Electrodeposited Ni-Cu Multilayers”. J. Electrochemical Society 146, 1777-1779 (1999)
  9. M. Schlesinger et. al., “High Frequency Giant Magnetoresistance in Evaporated Co/Cu Multilayers Deposited on Si(111) and Si(100)”. Journal of Appl. Physics 85, 314-318 (1999)

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