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Dr. Gordon Drake

Dr. Gordon DrakeDr. Gordon W.F. Drake
University Professor


B.Sc. (McGill) 1964; M.Sc. (Western Ontario) 1965
Ph.D. (York) 1967

Honours and Awards:

C.A.P. Herzberg Medal 1979
A.P.S. Fellow 1983
F.R.S.C., 1986
Killam Fellowship 1990-92
C.A.P. Medal for Achievement 1994
Editor, Canadian Journal of Physics, 1997-2006
Editor, Physical Review A 2006-

Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 5041 or 4950
Office Location: 277-4 Essex Hall
Lab Extension: 2688
Lab Location: 285, 286 Essex Hall

Theoretical Atomic Physics

The motivation for Dr. Drake's research is to develop new tools to probe the properties of atoms by combining the high precision theoretical techniques he and his students have developed with the high precision measurements made possible by the modern methods of laser spectroscopy. He works closely with experimental groups around the world on projects such as the use of laser spectroscopy to measure the size of short-lived atomic nuclei (especially halo nuclei), and to improve our knowledge of the values of the fundamental constants. The significance of his work has been recognized by the award of numerous prizes and he receives the largest NSERC research grant in Canada for theoretical research in the area of general physics.

Recent Publications:
  1. Z. C. Yan, W. Nortershauser, and Gordon W.F. Drake, "High precision atomic theory for Li and Be+: QED shifts and isotope shifts”. Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 243002 (2008). 1a. Gordon W.F. Drake, Z. C. Yan , "High-precision spectroscopy as a test of quantum electrodynamics in light atomic systems". Can. J. Phys. 86, 45-54 (2008)
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