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Masters Program in Philosophy

The Windsor M.A. program is small and offers the benefit of frequent and close contact with professors and fellow students. Our aim is to give our students solid individualized M.A. instruction--whether their intention is to continue elsewhere for a Ph.D., or to spend a year or two deepening their understanding of philosophy.

We have three avenues to the M.A. degree:

(1) the coursework stream:  eight graduate courses 
(2) the major paper stream:  six graduate courses plus a major paper (with permission);
(3) the thesis stream:  four graduate courses plus a thesis (with permission)

The default option is the coursework stream.  Students who wish to switch to the major paper or thesis streams must complete at least 4 graduate courses (including the departmental seminar) with a minimum GPA of 80%, pass the Master`s examination, and secure the sponsorship of an academic supervisor.   A major paper (approximately 40-50 pages plus bibliography) topic often grows out of coursework.  By contrast, a thesis topic must be established early on, and a proposal of 300-500 words plus bibliography approved at the beginning of the third full-time semester. Thesis are typically 80-100 pages plus bibliography.  

All students must take the departmental seminar and pass a Master's examination which is based on it. We offer six graduate courses per year. Course offerings at the graduate level reflect the research interests of our faculty, Argumentation Theory, Contemporary European Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Informal Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Rhetoric, and Social and Political Philosophy.  Up to two courses may be taken from outside of Philosophy, but this option is available only for students in the major paper or course-based streams.  Students may take philosophy courses at other universities in Ontario within the Ontario Graduate Visiting Student Plan.         

The MA - JD Program
Students already admitted to the Law School may defer their admission by one year to complete the requirements of the MA program in Philosophy. For further information, interested students should contact the Graduate Coordinator for Philosophy and the Admissions Office in the Faculty of Law.