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Group members

Group members, Alumni and Collaborators

Group members:

  • Candice Fast (4th year undergraduate)
  • Meaghan Shiha (4th year undergraduate)
  • Taylor Tracey Kyryliuk (4th year undergraduate)
  • Alex Milovic (4th year undergraduate)
  • Christopher DiLoreto (postdoc, PhD, University of Windsor)

Collaborators (PI's with whom I currently work and/or have published recently):

  • Nanoplasmonics/ nanobiosensors/ clinical diagnostics: Silvia Mittler @ University of Western Ontario; John Sipe @ University of Toronto; Daniel Heath, GLIER, University of Windsor
  • Control theory of quantum systems: Anthony Bloch @Michigan
  • Optimization & linguistics: Lori Buchanan, Psychology, University of Windsor


  • Dr. Christopher DiLoreto (Ph.D. 2017, postdoc at U.Windsor)
  • Mrs. Rowine Kobti (pre-masters research 2016-2017, MSc student at U. Windsor)
  • Dr. Patrick Rooney (postdoctoral fellow 2015-2017)
  • Ms. Melissa Mathers (BSc 2016, MSc at York University)
  • Mr. Sam Rusu (B.Sc 2016, Masters in Medical Physics, Wayne State)
  • Mr. Hassan Shahzad (BSc 2016, Medical School, Schulich)
  • Ms. Claire Coughlin (BSc 2014, MSc at Western University)
  • Mr. Saeid Rostami (Doctoral research 2013-2014)
  • Mr. Daniel Travo (M.Sc. 2013, PhD student at UToronto)
  • Spencer Gardner (co-op student fall 2012, B.Sc. Math Phys at Waterloo)
  • Somayeh Mirzaee (M.Sc. 2012, PhD student in Physics at Queens)
  • Darragh Rooney (Ph.D. 2012 at UM-Math, co-supervised by Prof. Tony Bloch, postdoc in Germany)
  • Arjun Balachander (high-school co-op student 2011-2012, BSc at McGill)
  • Anthony Deschamps (outstanding scholar, summer 2011, switched programs to Chemistry)
  • John Donohue (B.Sc. 2011, M.Sc. student at U. Waterloo)
  • Maggie Tywoniuk (B.Sc. 2011, PhD student at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)
  • Mustafa Sheikh (B.Sc. 2011, working for a private company in Metro Detroit)
  • Taiwang Cheng (Postdoc, 2009 - 2011, working for a private company in the GTA area)
  •  Amin Torabi (M.Sc. 2010, PhD student in Chemistry at UWO)
  • Ruby Huang (M.Sc. 2010)
  • Dave Trudell (B.Sc. 2010, summer student, went on to a Master's program in Nuclear Engineering at Royal Military College)
  • Renan Cabrera (PhD student of Bill Baylis, collaborator, now postdoc at Princeton)
  • Andrew Senchuk (Ph.D. student - withdrew 2009, now Ph.D at U. Manitoba).
  • Mohammad Hashemi (M.Sc 2008, went on to a PhD program at the University of Rochester).
  • Jeff Rau (BSc 2008, outstanding scholars project, NSERC USRA 2006-2008, went on to a PhD program in U.Toronto).
  • Theresa Spanjers (BSc 2009,Co-op student, undergraduate research 2007-2008, went on to Teacher's College at UWindsor).
  • Dan Trojand (BSc 2009, Co-op student, undergraduate research 2007-2008, went on to MSc program at McGill University).
  • Mark Sak (Ph.D. student at Wayne State).
  • Line Pedersen (visiting graduate student from Aarhus University, Feb. - June. 2006).
  • Beth Yaworsky ( outstanding scholars project, NSERC USRA 2006, switched majors to Biology).
  • Alex Waghorn (outstanding scholars project 2006, switched majors to Business).
  • James MacAdam (Computer Science major, capstone project graduated 2007).
  • Darragh 'Patrick' Rooney (Graduate student, May 2005 - Aug. 2006, went on to a Ph.D in Applied Math at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
  • Ryan Murray (Senior honours thesis, graduated Aug. 2006, went on to a PhD at Waterloo/NRC/Imperial College)
  • Luc Serre (Senior honours thesis, graduated 2006, finished MS in Medical Physics at McGill University, and resident at WRCC)
  • Alex Vyskocil (Summer undergraduate project 2006, now a fourth year student)
  • Hoofar Daneshvar (graduate student, Jan.- Aug. 2005, switched advisors)
  • Ryan Booth (Outstanding scholars project Fall 2005, switched majors to Engineering)
  • Adam Mills (Summer undergraduate project 2005, went on to  Teacher's College)
  • Razvan Nistor (Summer graduate student 2004, went on to a PhD program at University of Western Ontario)
  • Tom McIntosh (Senior honours thesis "Rydberg atom wave packets", graduated in 2004, went on to a PhD program at Queen's University).