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Kenneth E. Hart, PhD.

Ken Hart


Associate Professor
191- Chrysler Hall South
519-253-3000 ext 2225



Research Interests:
Addictions, positive psychology


Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Positive Psychology
Personality and Adjustment

Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

Brief Biographical Sketch:

Currently (summer, 2011), I am a tenured Associate Professor in the Adult Clinical PhD track of the Psychology Department at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. While I am a core member of our CPA/APA approved doctoral training program in Clinical Psychology, my PhD (University of Houston, TX, 1987) was in the area of Applied Social/Health Psychology. Over the past 23 years, my professional identity has morphed somewhat and I now consider myself an interdisciplinary scholar who works at the interface of clinical-health psychology and positive psychology and who specializes in understanding and promoting change in health destructive “addictiive” behaviors. Theoretically, I draw from the fields of social-cognitive psychology and positive psychology. In regards the latter field, I have undertaken a program of addictions research that seeks to apply theory and research on ‘post traumatic growth’ to understanding and facilitating “post-abstinence flourishing”. According to my model of “positive recovery” from additions, given the right professional assistance, people who hit bottom due to an addictive disorder have the rare opportunity to rebuild their lives in new and better ways. In the field of positive psychology, this new and better way goes by the name “eudaimonic wellbeing”. In terms of my research, a common theme that has run through my various lines of inquiry over the past 23 years is that I enjoy building bridges by doing interdisciplinary research. In particular, you will see I have a keen interest in blending different orientations. This interdisciplinary theme runs through my teaching and the collaborative research that I conduct with students who receive personalized mentoring in my lab. My interests focus on the six-way intersection of the fields of:

  1. social psychology
  2. positive psychology,
  3. health psychology
  4. counseling/clinical/abnormal psychology,
  5. addictive behaviors, and
  6. community psychology/public health

As examples of my applied orientation and my interdisciplinary interests, I point to recent chapters in a 2012 textbook by Frank Schneider and his colleagues entitled, “Applications of Social Psychology” , 2nd ed, Sage Publications. My first chapter is “Application of Social Psychology to Clinical Psychology” and my second chapter is entitled, “Applications of Social Psychology to Positive Mental Health”.

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