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My teaching and sample projects

I have over 15 yrs experience industry, and know that our students will be expected to solve problems that no one has ever seen before, as I certainly had my fair share. Consequently, as a teacher my philosophy is to introduce students to ‘open-ended’ design problems to prepare them for complex, real-life situations. It is important for students to learn fundamental concepts, and apply them to realistic problems. It may be frustrating for the students, but I believe that educators should teach students a systematic and organized way to abstract problems and develop reasoning skills in order to prepare them for ill-defined problems that they will encounter after graduation.

I do not know in what sector our students will be working, or the issues that our students will face; therefore, it is necessary that our students be prepared to face uncertainty by exposing them to complex problems in a safe environment. I enjoy teaching design courses, and have been very proud of the results that students have been able to achieve over the years. I have taught, or will be/am teachingthe following courses:

Undergraduate Courses
Course No. Course Title
06-85-119 Techical Communications
06-91-311 CAD/CAM
06-91-317 Systems Analysis and Design
06-91-321 / 92-440-01 Manufacturing Process Design
06-91-400 IE Senior Design / Capstone Projects
06-92-400 Mechanical Senior Design / Capstone Projects


Graduate Courses
Course No. Course Title
06-91-509 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
06-91-590-19 Cognitive Ergonomics and Systems Design
06-91-590-21 / 92-590-11 Computer Aided Manufacturing and Measurements / Advanced Manufacturing Processes
06-92-590 - xx Direct Studies: Additive Manufacturing

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