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My research interests and projects over the years

  • Rapid Manufacturing (including additive manufacturing, machining, design for changeovers, inspection, etc.)
  • Product Design for Manufacturing
  • Process Planning and Manufacturing Systems Design
  • Design Recovery (Reverse engineering the form and function intelligently)
  • Cognitive Ergonomics related to complexity (Product, Process & Operations perspectives for effective systems design)
  • Bio-Mechanics - design and fabrication

Researchers & their projects:

Additive Manufacturing
Student / COLLEAGUE Project Title Year Completed
Dr. Navid Nazemi (PDF) FEM for Laser Cladding Processes 2017
Parvaneh Zareh Direct Energy Deposition Variable Bead Overlap Study Present
Hamed Kalemi Heat Simulations for Metal Based AM Processes Present
Hasti Eiliat (PhD) Development of Optimal Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Tool Path Parameters for Minimizing Void Regions Using Contemporary Tool Path Solutions 2018
Yiming Jiang AM Processes - Mechanical Characterization MITACs intern: S2017
Kim Miller Exploring AM Mechanical and Physical Characteristics 2016
Liza DiCecco Lightweighting Strategies for FDM Built Components 2016
Mohammad Alam (PhD Student, , co- supervised with Dr. Edrisy) Process parameters impact on microstruture for laser cladding based additive manufacturing Present
Syed Saqib (PhD) Experimental Investigation of Laser Cladding Bead Morphology and Process Parameter Relationship for Additive Manufacturing Process Characterization 2016
Kush Aggarwal (MASc.) Investigation of Laser Clad Bead Geometry to Process Parameter Configurations for Tool Path Generation, Simulation, and Optimization 2014
Luis Villalpando (MASc, MEng) Characterization of Parametric Internal Structures for Components Built by Fused Deposition Modeling 2013
Victoria Townsend (MASc) Relating Additive and Subtractive Processes Teleologically For Hybrid Design and Manufacturing 2010


Robotic Path Planning Design and Analysis Tool Development
Student / COLLEAGUE Project Title Year Completed
Bowen Wang Soft Robotics Gripper Designs Present
Luv Aggarwal (MASc.) Reconfigurable Validation Model for Identifying Kinematic Singularities and Reach Conditions within a Work Cell 2014
Arun Gudla (MASc, MEng) A design tool to project the functional workspace of a 6R robot using forward kinematics and geometrical methods 2012
Dr. Ana Djuric, Associate Professor @ Wayne State U Reconfigurable Robot / Mechanism Design tools On-going


Production Systems: Design, Analysis, and Improvements
Student / COLLEAGUE Project Title Year Completed
Bita Mohajernia TBD Present
Morteza Alebooyeh Composite Fiber Layout System Simulation & Automation Present
Fabian Ballier (co-supervised with Dr. Jurgen Fleischer, KIT) Composite Fiber Layout Automation Present
Bita M.  (MASc. student), co- supervised with Dr. Frise) Investigation of methods and validation techniques for plastic injection mold weight reduction 2015
Yupeng Lin (MASc. Torino Program), co- supervised with Dr. Frise)

Investigation on Up-fitting Lead Time Reduction for Vehicle Assembly

Wei Wei (MASc – Torino Program), co-s upervised with Dr. Frise Complexity management of vehicle wiring harnesses: an optimized model to analyse trade-offs between product and manufacturing costs 2012
Siobhan Barakat (MASc) Utilizing a Systems Engineering Approach to Evaluate End-of-Life Opportunities for Complex Automotive Seat Subassemblies 2011
Dr. George Bacioiu, (NRC, Edmonton AL) Cognitive Ergonoimics, and Systems Design research On-Going


Bio-Mechanics/Ergonomics/Man-Machine Interfaces
Student Project Title Year Completed
Shreya Patki Investigating Parametric Finger Modeling and Exoskeleton Design Solutions Present
Besim Kalajdzic Advanced Manufacturing Tools and Tecniques for Design and Fabrication of a Spinal Tap Training Mannequin Present
Andre Khayat Advanced Manufacturing Tools and Tecniques for Design and Fabrication of a Thoracic Cavity for Lung Fluid Removal Present
Victoria Townsend (PhD) From Participation to Differentiation: A Framework for Re-Designing Socio-Technical Systems 2016
Dave Impens (MASc.)

An Experimental Approach to Assess the Impact of Post Processing Variables on the Mechanical Characteristics of 3D (Power Binder Process) Printed Parts