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Present Projects in the Eichhorn Group

Polyionic Discotic Liquid Crystals

Ionic groups are attached via aliphatic spacers to discotic liquid crystals to govern their surface alignment. We study in particular their deposition by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique and by electrostatic forces. Also investigated is the complex thermotropic and lyotropic mesomorphism of these compounds

n-Type Discotic Liquid Crystals for Organic Devices

This project focuses on the development of design criteria for electron deficient, potentially n-type conducting, discotic liquid crystals. Also integrated in the design of these compounds is the formation of glassy phases (suppression of crystallization).

Star-shaped Discotic Oligomers for Photovoltaic Devices

Our aim is to prepare n-type and p-type semiconducting columnar stacks that are next to each other and well aligned in space. In these materials, any charge carriers would be generated close to a “heterojunction” that should give rise to an effective separation of the charge carriers.

Metal Nanoparticles (MNPs)

Our emphasis lies in the design and synthesis of organic ligands that not only stabilize and solubilize MNPs but also introduce specific properties. In particular, we work on amphiphilic MNPs for self-assembling and on MNPs for catalysis.