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The sapling symbolizes your involvement in planning for your future.

The fully grown tree symbolizes a successful pension planning strategy.

Employees' Plan Retirement Committee


Retirement Committee of the Employees’ Retirement Plan
The Retirement Committee determines all questions arising in the administration of the Plan. The Retirement Committee is comprised of twelve members; six members appointed by the University; one member appointed by each of the five Unions; and one member appointed by the Managerial & Professionals Staff.
Committee Members
The Retirement Committee is comprised of the following members.
Mr. Andrew Kuntz Managerial & Professionals 
Ms. Bridget Brown University appointment
Ms. Rita LaCivita
University appointment (Chair)
Ms. Daniella Beaulieu
University appointment
Ms. Cheryl Paglione
University appointment
Ms. Daria Milenkovic C.U.P.E. Local 1393 representative (three (3) votes)
Ms. Rose Zanutto
University appointment
Alternate Members (non-voting)
Mr. Mark Learn University alternate
Mr. Eric Masse
C.U.P.E. Local 1393 alternate
  Managerial & Professionals 
More information can be obtained by consulting Section 15.01 of the Employees’ Retirement Plan text.