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Our Staff

John Coleman John Coleman
519-253-3000 ext. 5066

Mary Anne BeaudoinMary Anne Beaudoin
Administrative Assistant Emeritus



Publication Services

Jennifer AmmoscatoJennifer Ammoscato
Marketing, Publications and Web—Team Lead
519-253-3000 ext. 3242

Renée BombardierRenée Bombardier
Graphic Designer


Ida HaryIda Hary
Graphic Designer
519-253-3000 ext. 3239

Marnie RobillardMarnie Robillard
Graphic Designer
519-253-3000 ext. 3243

News Services

Lori LewisLori Lewis
Manager, News Services
519-253-3000 ext. 3241

Dylan KristyDylan Kristy
Communications Co-ordinator, Research
519-253-3000 ext. 4045

Web Communications

Rob AitkensRob Aitkens
Web Design and Development—Team Lead
519-253-3000 ext. 3267

Tim BrunetTim Brunet
Social Media Coordinator
519-253-3000 ext. 4046

Paul GreenPaul Green
Electronic Media Co-ordinator/Designer
519-253-3000 ext. 4053

Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson
Web Communications—Team Lead
519-253-3000 ext. 3238