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Hot water update

(April 20) The University is formulating a schedule to take measures to restore hot water to the buildings that are reliant on the Dillon water tank originally affected.

Remedial work and water testing on the isolated water tanks and system in Chrysler Hall Tower/Chrysler Hall South/Chrysler Hall North is scheduled to begin at 6 a.m. on Saturday, April 22. Washrooms will be closed on the weekend during this time, and test results should be available early next week. Hot water is expected to the Chrysler Hall complex next week.

The University also plans to conduct hot water testing in other campus buildings that were not part of the initial Preventative Maintenance program as soon as next week.

Hot water service to Mare Nostrum restaurant has now been restored and it is operating on regular hours.

The Ministry of Labour has also been on site and confirmed that the University is taking all necessary precautions to deal with the issue.

(April 19) Hot water is again available in Laurier Hall residence after remedial work over the weekend.

Preliminary tests last week indicated the presence of Legionella bacteria in areas of Chrysler Hall Tower/South/NorthDillon Hall, Assumption Hall, Laurier, the Law Building (Faculty of Law), Leddy Library (West Wing and Main), Education Building (including Mare Nostrum restaurant), Biology Building, Lambton Tower, Erie Hall, Essex Hall and Odette School of Business.

The testing was part of a preventative maintenance program that analyzed domestic feeds for hot water and cooling tower systems. Immediate and preventative steps were taken to isolate the source and to eliminate any possible risk it might pose to our community.

We continue to work to repair and resolve the issue at the other buildings listed above and are taking every possible measure to mitigate any inconvenience this may cause.

For additional information on the hot water outage, please visit the University's Health and Safety website. We will continue to update the page as more answers become available.

Questions from the Campus Community related to health and safety can also be directed to the Office of Health and Safety, and students can contact Student Health Services. 

Health concerns related to Legionella typically affect the elderly population. More information is available on the Public Health Canada Bulletin link at

Please refer to the University of Windsor homepage for updates as developments warrant.

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